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With the advancement of technology, the educational community has been developing unique ways in which learners can build the necessary skills while being entertained with technology. Technology redefines the learning experience of children through new ways of doing so. Because of this, children develop a sense of what a self-paced and remote mentoring learning environment is. A decade ago, this would sound impossible – but as the world is changing, so is the teaching and learning processes. Instead of seeing technology as a distraction, a teacher can use the power of digital devices and applications to increase participation, collaboration, engagement, student learning, as well as the motivation of their students. 

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The Impact of using Educational Applications

In 2020 the world suffered a pandemic of which the likes have never been seen before. The World Health Organisation announced this pandemic on the 11th of March 2020. All across the globe, countries were forced into lockdowns with strict policies. In these regulations, schools were also closed to control and isolate the spread of the virus. This catastrophe provided a big gap for the rise of educational applications and online learning. Many students and their parents found this transition very challenging, but some positive outcomes in the education field have come to light due to the pandemic. Children who have access to the internet can get information on anything with just a touch of a button – no need to walk the halls of a library which take up twice as much of the time.

Educational Applications provide the opportunity to share your progress with fellow students and the instructor. This can help monitor a student’s progress and create a controlled and manageable classroom environment without being in a four-wall building. When looking at costs and resources, educational applications vary. Some Educational Applications can be free to download either on IOS or Android App Stores, and some have a monthly or yearly fee. Most Educational Applications provide the necessary resources the student needs. 

What does Educational Applications offer?

Educational applications are designed to ensure learner development and skill-building, whether language learning, mathematics, or science. There are various ways that the applications can test or provide a learning opportunity to the child. Some applications offer the chance to create an online classroom that acts as a communicative portal between a child and the instructor. It can also open discussion forums where children can ask questions and discuss a specific topic. Other applications make use of interactive quizzes that test the child’s knowledge and skills about a variety of topics. The use of gaming and videos is a unique way of transferring subject content to the child. This educational application offers to develop content knowledge on different topics while having fun. ABCmouse is an educational institution providing applications that make learning fun, such as Adventure Academy. 

The changing world can be challenging and even seem scary. But with the help of technology, we can still go about our daily duties and provide the youth of today with a quality education.

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