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Decorating the nursery for a new baby is quite possibly one of the most exciting times for a parent. It doesn’t matter that the baby has to be in your room for the first six months, the fact you get to nest and put together a beautiful room is a huge gift. Pregnancy is a tough time (even the easy pregnancies are tough on the mind!) and having something to focus on can be so helpful!

The problem?

The choices.

Oh, my, the choices!

You get so many different options for furniture, colors, themes and more. There are options for lighting, furniture, carpets and even window decals to make the room more personal to you and your family. Do you go with pastel or neutral colors? Should you choose farm animals or jungle creatures? The options are endless! With that in mind, you need to choose a trendy nursery theme that looks beautiful, works well for your baby and sets you up to be on trend for the first few years of their life.

Let’s look at five of the trendiest nursery themes that you could choose from now:

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five beautifully trendy nursery themes you’ll love that stand the test of time

The Great Outdoors

There’s something beautiful about an outdoor theme. The color palette is earthy, with plenty of greens and shades of brown, and you can really tailor the furniture to be dark and wooden to fit. Exposing your baby to the great outdoors is a big deal, and doing it from the moment they are old enough to see clearly sets them up for life. Think about plaid linens and beautifully outlined stencils on the walls to make your nursery stunning. 

Under The Stars

You can go ethereal with this theme, with wall lamps that uplight planet stickers, a solar system mobile and dark walls to show up those beautiful stars you plan to stick on the walls. Think about a gray palette with navy and other brighter colors thrown in for planets. You could even go for dark or silver linens and blankets so that you can really make the theme pop throughout the room.


A little girl on the way could always use a delicately decorated nursery. Light pastels on the walls with tiny asters, delicate daisies and pale pink tulips on the walls can really make the space look big and bright. Girly nurseries are always beautiful as the palette is always bright, beautiful and uplifting. Florals define girly, and when you add in colors like yellow, turquoise and orange, you get a space that really reflects femininity. You could choose softer greens to enhance the look of ivy as a border, which really gives the look its statement.

Add in bees, butterflies and light fixtures that are bright and you’ll have a beautiful finish.

Naturally Nautical

A popular theme for boys but works just as well for girls is a nautical theme. You can change up the fittings of the room so that it looks like it’s ready to set sail, with blue and white stripes, gray and blue color palettes and light and airy wooden furnishings. You could go for striped sheets and linens, and you can layer the different blue and gray colors to enhance the space. When you add a touch of yellow and gold, you get the perfect themed room that really stands out.

To really set it off, think about “on the sea” decals for the walls, cushions and pillows decorated in boats and anchors and a box that plays ocean sounds!

Simple & Dainty

The most popular theme for a lot of people is simplicity. Babies bring a lot of complications in life just by being their little demanding selves, so a simple and sentimental nursery is one that really makes the memories. Your neutral nursery could have a very basic white and cream color palette, with simple touches in beige and brown – think furnishings and linens. These colors may sound boring at first, but think about it: this is a room that can grow with your child.

This way, you can swap out the cushions and rugs for the colors that they love as they grow, and you get to keep the nursery looking beautiful at the same time. Add family photos to personalize the space, and fill it with simple furniture to shine a light on the simplicity of the theme. 

Your baby will possibly use this room for a good few years; choosing the right theme is going to really get you excited for the new arrival!

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