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When we think about the stress that we undergo during any change in life, we have to wonder how it affects our children. While we know first-hand the stress of parenting because of trials and tribulations our children are going through, when we are undergoing a massive change in life that they are a part of, it can be very difficult for them.

But what can we do to ensure that our children can cope with the stress of change, and navigate these issues healthily?

3 tips for preparing your children for a massive change in life

Breaking Down The Mysticism

Sometimes it’s straightforward. If we are moving house, we can make the process as transparent as possible. In fact, your children could help out with the process. By breaking down the barriers, by showing them the removalists you will be using, or asking them to help you pack, or giving them an important duty in the process, will help your children to make peace with the change. A lot of what our children fear is the unknown which is common for most of us.

And while we can provide examples of how we felt when we went through these changes all those years ago, it could fall on deaf ears. In which case, learning to demystify the entire process, and acknowledging how our children feel can make it an easier thing for them to go through.

Offering Choices

When our children display negative behavior because we are undergoing a change, it’s due to a lack of control. We have to remember that when our children get taken out of a routine, regardless of how mature they may be, they will still feel the stresses of a major alteration. Letting them make specific choices allows them to have control over the situation. It could be a big choice, such as what school they would like to go to, or a small one, such as what clothes they want to wear. This will help to boost their confidence overall. We have to remember that we feel anxious when we don’t know what’s going on or if somebody is making a decision for us.

Give your children control over the situation by offering them options.

Listen, Accept, And Give Them Time

You may very well be too busy running through the details of moving house, or you think that your children might be okay. But it’s important to check in with them on a regular basis to ensure that everything is alright. If not, be sure that you listen and accept how they feel. Allow your children to be upset, because this will help them to process the information. Some of us can suffer from telling our children to “get on with it.”

But we have to remember that processing information is an important part of dealing with change. 

Whether it’s grief, moving house, or doing something a little different out of routine, it can always feel like an upheaval from the perspective of our children. Preparing them for any change in life is partly to do with demystifying the process but also allowing them to feel and understand what they’re going through.

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