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Christmas day is simple, we wake up, open presents, spend the day with family and have a turkey dinner feast. Christmas eve, however, can be spent in several different ways. Some people like to be busy, some people like to just stay indoors, it is very individual and can be changed to how you want to do things. Here are some ideas on what you could do on Christmas Eve.

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Go For A Walk


As a lot of people spend Christmas day indoors, you may want to go for a family walk. You could go to your local woodland area and be close to nature, go around your local park or if you are quite an outdoors person you could go on a local hike. 


Prepare Some Things Early For The Big Day


Christmas day can be quite hectic, cooking such a big dinner, a big turkey, as well as having a family visit or going to visit family, there sometimes can be quite a lot squeezed into a day. You can make your day easier by helping prepare some aspects beforehand. You could peel and cut the vegetables and potatoes so they are ready tomorrow. You could also make a Christmas dessert beforehand like a chocolate yule log. 


Watch Christmas Movies


Christmas eve is the perfect day to spend the morning or evening snuggled up with your family on the sofa. You could wear your Christmas pajamas, get some freshly made hot chocolate and watch some festive films together. There are so many Christmas films you can choose from, there are options like Santa Claus, The Grinch, Love Actually and A Heartland Christmas Movie.


Do Christmas Crafts With The Kids


Another great indoor activity is arts and crafts, at Christmas time there are so many Christmas craft packs that come out that you can pick some up to keep your kids occupied, as well as Christmas coloring, it could be something to help them pass the time and not be watching screens all day as well as some last-minute gifts for their uncles, grandparents or other family members. 


Play Board Games


Playing board games is a good activity to do that again keeps kids off the screens and can help the family bond together as a whole. There are a whole host of board games to play like the classics like operation, monopoly and charades but there are loads of new board games available that can be exciting to play. There are even adult-only board games like cards against humanity you could play with a glass of wine for a fun-filled night with some family or friends. 


Make A Gift For Santa And The Reindeer


A tradition which everyone seems to adopt and continue is leaving out a treat for Santa with a drink and something for the reindeer. They have such a big journey and kids love leaving things out and seeing them eaten or half-eaten in the morning. You could leave a mince pie and some milk for Santa than a carrot for the reindeer. 

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