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The home is your castle. When people look at it, they should be impressed. Before they walk inside, they should be in a state of admiration. You have taken the time to not just adorn your home with excellent interior design style, but the exterior of your home hasn’t been a second thought. This is really what separates many homeowners, as those that care what their home looks like from the outside, will always garner more attention and importance, more respect.

It’s the mark of a true homemaker, as the exterior is much more difficult to make look nice and appealing. But there are a few things you can do right now, to make your guests walk in wonder and smile at the amazing style of your house.

A fresh coating

Springtime is here and you know what that means, yep, it’s house painting season. It’s the perfect time to hire an Approved Contractor to give your house a nice fresh coating of paint. Whether you want to keep the same color or not, they will make your home look as fresh and clean as a sprouting daisy.

They aim to boost your ‘curb appeal’ but also, make sure that the resale value of your home increases in financial terms. This means the paint should protect your exterior from the elements, withstand storms, huge downpours and baking hot sunlight. A nice strong coat of paint will also make the home look younger, with no imperfections to be seen at all.

Brand new slabs

Do you have cracks in your footpath? Maybe you have slabs that look worn out, grey and just, old. Replacing your concrete slabs with tiles or granite slabs would be amazing. They add a layer of youth to your home that you didn’t think was possible on any floor. The reason for this is, people often look down at your garden as they walk to your front door.

If they were stepping on slabs that have chips are taken out of them and large cracks, it just feels like an unkempt and uncared for home. You can also have quartz slabs which are a mixture of marble, granite and other composites. This material, in particular, is grippy even when wet. This allows for additional safety with a greater aspect of timeless style.

A symbol of your style

Columns and vases outside your front door are a great way of showing who you are, in terms of style. Did you know that the neoclassical style of columns dates back to ancient Greece? These columns can be found outside law courts and political buildings because they exude power and style. A large clay vase in the Roman style, with vines and olive branches, is also a similar type of style.

These kinds of items outside your home can be placed on either side of your front door or on your porch.

The things about an exterior that really make you impressed, are often the least complex. A bright clean coat of paint breathes new life into your house. Simple square slabs of quartz would be awesome for your front garden. 

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