Top Ten Books for Young Toddlers

As Squeaker is getting older, we’re taking another look at our top books for babies. Squeaker will be 18 months old in June and that point, I might be comfortable with classifying her as a toddler. Right now I’d say she’s an older baby or younger toddler, so this post is going to focus on our top ten books for young toddlers. This post contains affiliate links and while you are under no obligation to use them, by purchasing something through my affiliate link you are supporting this site, thanks! Squeaker is read to daily, usually with her choice of books, but she’ll also play with her book collection regularly. Usually this means making up her own dialogue (babbling) or if it’s a book about…

50+ Handmade Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

As Mother’s Day draws closer, I’ve found myself stuck for ideas. I’m making my own Mother’s Day gifts, so I want to do something fun and also something that I’m really going to appreciate. I suppose it’s a blessing and a curse but at the same time, I do want it to be memorable and the whole point of it (from my perspective) is to do something Squeaker. That’s why I’ve searched and found 50+ handmade gift ideas for Mother’s Day that you can make with your toddler or preschooler. Some of these your preschooler or toddler might be able to do independently and others, they will need your help. But you’re a better judge of that than I am 🙂 In that case, send…

Books About St. Patrick’s Day for Kids

To keep with the St. Patrick’s Day theme (after covering recipes and crafts) or if you’re planning on studying Ireland, here are 20+ books about St. Patrick’s Day for kids. I’ve also included a few that aren’t St. Patrick’s Day specific, but are related to Ireland and/or Irish culture. When we cover St. Patrick’s Day in Tot School or Homeschool Preschool (or beyond), I intend to make it more of an Ireland and Irish Culture theme rather than just St. Patrick’s Day. This book list is mostly for younger children though I’ll also include a book list for older children in the future- hopefully before next year! The Night Before St. Patrick’s Day Happy St. Patrick’s Day, Curious George tabbed board book There Was an…

Have Fun and Get Moving with EzyRoller

Please be advised that this post may contain affiliate links. By clicking on a link and making a purchase, I will earn a small commission. Of everything that’s in the gift guide, this next gift has definitely been the most anticipated in terms of getting a review done. T & J were particularly excited about doing this review and wanted to know (almost immediately) when we were going to get that done. Of course that kind of defeated the point of having this as a Christmas gift, but their excitement was definitely worth it. EzyRoller is a featured gift in our Holiday Gift Guide

Fun with Frankenstein

[Tweet “Check out my review of the Build and Play App by BabyLit!”] I’m not one to fully advocate for screen time for kids, unless it’s active. Granted, Sweet B does get some passive screen time in after she’s done some non-tv/tech stuff (puzzles, coloring… and our soon to be coming: Afterschooling). And Squeaker doesn’t have much screen time at all.  See why in my Screen Time for Babies post. That being said, I’ve been in contact with BabyLit about the gift guide. The feature review will be coming (and I’m so excited about that!) but in the meantime I also had the opportunity to review the Build and Play App. On a rainy day this week, Sweet B had a half day from school….