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Renovating is a brilliant way to overhaul the look of your home and make better use of space and it can also add value. If you’re looking for ways to enhance your home, here are some ideas to inspire you. 

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Converting an attic or basement

Many people find that they outgrow their homes. If you’ve had more children, or you’re working from home and you need more space, you don’t have to move house. One option to explore is to convert an attic or basement. Attic rooms are ideal for home offices, dens for teenagers, art and music rooms and exercise studios.

Basements make fantastic kitchen diners, bars, home gyms, guest suites and playrooms. If you have a loft or basement that you don’t use, you could create more usable space and add significant value to your property. Compare quotes, explore different design concepts and set a budget for the project. 


Updating your kitchen

The kitchen is the most important room in the house for most families. Our kitchens have evolved from places where we cook and eat into social hubs where we catch up with friends and relatives, work, watch TV, play, get creative and relax. If your kitchen is dated, or it doesn’t cater to your needs, why not consider a revamp?

Browse interior design magazines, get ideas from places you’ve visited and think about styles you love and how you want to use the space. It’s a great idea to explore kitchen design ideas and compare quotes. As well as changing the look of your kitchen, you may want to think about modifying the layout or adding structures or elements to improve functionality. Open-plan kitchens are often more versatile and flexible, which is ideal for families. 


Adding a garden room

Have you run out of room inside your house, or do you long for a quiet space to read, paint, do yoga or work? If you’re short on space, or you need an area to work or enjoy peace and tranquility, have you thought about adding a garden room? If you have a large garden or a spacious yard, you could add a garden room, a conservatory, an orangery, a summer house or a log cabin to free up room indoors and create a new workspace or zone to entertain or chill out.

You could use your garden room as an office, an art, yoga or dance studio, a bar or games room or an oasis of calm for reading or writing. Garden rooms have become increasingly popular in recent years. As working from home becomes more common, external structures can enhance value and make properties more saleable. 

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Are you looking to make changes to your family home? Have you run out of space, or is the décor a little dated? There are myriad ways to enhance your home from converting an attic or basement to updating your kitchen and adding a garden room. Think about what’s missing and how you can inject aesthetic appeal while improving functionality and adding value. 

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