When this blog was started, I never really had a clear vision. It was more a reflection of what was going on around me. However, I’ve come to realize a few things. While this blog will always be a reflection and extension of my life; it serves a far greater purpose. Or multiple purposes. And one of those purposes is to share my experiences on how to parent an autistic child. 

Now yes, of course, I realize that what works for our family may not work for your family.

We all parent differently though we may have some similarities on the surface. I hope that you’ll find these posts of use!

What is it like being a parent of an autistic child?

We’ll start at the beginning, with the initial diagnosis of autism. For some, this occurs when their child is younger and for some this occurs when their child is older. Regardless of when it happens for you, know that there is hope.

If you are just starting on this journey or you’ve been on it for a little while? I’d invite you to take a look at the Autism Family Life guide.

So your child has received an autism diagnosis, now what? First, I want to tell you and reassure you: your child is still your child. Love them unconditionally and without limits.

Embrace your child.

Embrace their diagnosis.

Let’s dive in.

How to Parent an Autistic Child: Behavioral Issues

The Autism Family Life Guide for Parents of Autistic Children:

Common Things that Parents of Autistic Children Face

When it comes to how to parent an autistic child, there is no one size fits all manual. However, I wanted to at least share from my personal experiences.

There’s a lot to deal with, I know! Add in, parenting a non-verbal autistic child. Or, at least in my case.

How to Maintain Routines for Your Autistic Child

Routine and structure is so important for autistic children. I would encourage you to start a visual schedule at home if you aren’t doing so already. But why? Why is this so beneficial? Why is there so much emphasis placed on routine and structure?

How to Parent a Non-Verbal Autistic Child

So far, the focus has been mostly on parenting an autistic child. And that was really my intent and purpose from the get go. However, it couldn’t hurt to do a little self-examination here as well.

How so?

It all starts with making a mindset shift from just being your child’s parent to becoming your child’s advocate.

Yes, of course, you are their parent. But just as important, you are their advocate and their greatest champion.

Parenting, in general, can be difficult. There really is no sugar-coating that. Parenting an autistic child can be challenging.

But, it’s also wonderful.

And beautiful.

And rewarding.

Just as much as it is ugly.

From an autistic autism mom to you

The Autism Family Guide is your shortcut to autism parenting.

How do I know?

Because friend, the resources in this guide are lifechanging.

Create routines with ease, calming strategies at your fingertips, and more.