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One of the most recognizable aspects of modern homes and living spaces is the unabated access to natural light. Thanks to the wave of open floor plan designs, more and more homes are allowing natural light to flood their interiors. For some people, that’s a great shift in interior design and how we live in today’s world.

For others, it’s a little too overdone.

Natural light is great but it’s much more difficult to control than room lighting. Usually, if you try to control it coming into your home, it will take a physical item to do so. Blinds will need to be installed, a pull down shade and or thicker curtains. All of these things contribute to blocking or limiting natural light from entering the home but they also, invariably change the interior of your home too.

So how can you control or limit natural light in the home, without making it too obvious?

Limiting light and usefulness

Do you live in a contemporary home whereby the windows are very large? It’s common for homes that have been built in the last decade to incorporate the large window panels in every room; especially the living room. This can drench your home with sunlight, and make it more difficult to enjoy the design and decor of the room when everything looks like a bright white.

But there’s one way you can limit that sunlight into your home and make it useful at the same time.

Putting a plant or flower pot in the window sill can make your carefully planned maneuver invisible to the watchful eye. Tall plants are needed for window panels that start at the bottom of your ground floor. This can also be done for a large sliding door since.

Kitchens and reflections

Light-reflecting into your eyes in any room is annoying but even more so when it’s the kitchen. Modern backsplashes are made from all kinds of materials. Glass and metal have become just as popular as ceramic tiles, so you’re bound to get even more sunlight rebounded into your eyes. When you’re chopping up vegetables in preparation for your meal, you don’t want to lose sight of the knife.

So installing sun control film for house windows is a seamless option that isn’t noticeable at first. These windows blend into your home and only become active to protect your home from the sunlight when there’s an exorbitant amount of it. It will stop your home from heating up unnecessarily, great for summers, as well as shield your eyes from direct sunlight. 

It’s in the frames

Window frames are another fantastic and seamless way to control how much natural light enters the home. Using rustic farmhouse window frames, you have numerous small squares that act to split sunlight up into sections, making the natural light in your house more manageable. Having your frames in a sheer white is the most advisable because they will reflect incoming light.

Natural light is great for any home, but too much of a good thing can ruin it. So, place a plant in a window sill with a large panel of plain glass, to limit the natural light while adding to your interior style. 

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