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Squeaker was born at home… but not by choice. Or at least not by my choice. She had made up her mind that she was coming out and there was no stopping her from doing so. It was a night that I will never forget. Which they say you never forget the birth of your children, and that’s true. I remember the birth of all three. Just with Squeaker it was particularly memorable. And in the process, I inadvertently learned, natural childbirth is not for me. But is natural childbirth for you?

We had an unplanned home birth with my youngest child. But is natural childbirth for you? It definitely wasn't for me.

In my birth plan, I had stated minimal drug use. It wasn’t something I wanted to go through with this labor, but at the same time, I would have welcomed it if I really needed it.

We didn’t attend any special classes and I had no other way of focusing as far as getting through contractions. Instead, I followed my body’s natural instinct to push and with the assistance of the EMT from the nearby fire department, Squeaker arrived (all arms and legs) on a cold December night.

If I could have prepared more, maybe it wouldn’t have been so bad.

But what is natural childbirth really supposed to be like?

Natural childbirth is defined as a birth that attempts to minimize the intervention of modern medicine, including the use of medications and/or surgical procedures.

Experts who believe that natural childbirth is beneficial to both the mother and child feel that anesthetics may increase the possibility of complications during birth due to the fact that the woman may not be capable of pushing properly during the final stages of delivery.

Natural childbirth often promotes a healthier delivery overall because it eliminates the risks associated with cesarean sections and possible side effects from certain medications.

Lamaze is a technique that is designed to help women who choose to deliver via natural childbirth and provides direction in breathing and relaxation.

Regular classes are given at local hospitals or clinics by a qualified individual.

The father of the child is usually present for each class in order to provide support for the mother. In most cases, the father of the child will also be in the delivery room, which is why it is so important that he also be present to help learn how to coach the mother on breathing and relaxation exercises.

Not all physicians believe that natural childbirth is a positive experience, noting the pain involved as being difficult for the mother. Others believe that it is beneficial as the process of natural childbirth leaves the new mother feeling empowered and also allows her to be alert as the child is brought into the world and placed in her arms.

Depending on the expectant mother’s overall health, certain medical intervention may often be required in order to ensure a successful and safe childbirth. Whether or not a natural childbirth is an option will be assessed by the physician and the expectant mother.

Unless it is a matter of life and death or extreme concern as to the health of the mother or child, the choice will ultimately be left up to the mother as she will have the final say in the delivery method.

It is advisable, however, that women listen to their physician and carefully consider his/her recommendations.

This article is to be used for informational purposes only and is not intended to be used as professional medical advice. The information contained herein should not be used in place of, or in conjunction with, a doctor’s recommendation . Prior to deciding either for or against natural childbirth, the expectant mother must consult a licensed physician for proper diagnosis and a recommendation.

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