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After decluttering, packing, and tying up loose ends for your big move, you may need to find the right home movers to help transport your items to your new home. According to the American Moving and Storage Association, about 21.7% of people moving in the U.S. opt for moving services to make their relocation easier, especially if it’s over a long distance. Moving is stressful, and it can be challenging to get a competent moving company professional enough to provide quality services and give you your money’s worth. Many moving companies have sprung up over the past decades, with some providing a wide variety of services. Here are things to consider to ensure you get the best movers to offer you much-needed assistance.

Seek recommendations

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There are many sources of information on a moving company you’re looking to work with, and sometimes, a quick Google search on their website will not cut it. It’s wise to get information from friends, relatives, work colleagues, or people on the internet that have had first-hand experience with the said company. Always check out the company’s service history, as bad reviews are very telling of the kind of service to expect from the company.

Good moving companies provide excellent customer service, and you should also verify their experience. Always choose reputable companies with at least five years of experience. It’s advisable to find out all you can and make sure the information checks out before giving them a call. 

Verify their legitimacy

You’re responsible for verifying the legitimacy of the moving company you choose. Knowing the stance and legit position of the moving company in question provides you with a sense of safety for your goods. Legitimate international moving companies are in a union that brings them together to provide the best services while regulating members’ activities. Ensure the moving company is registered with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety and is a member of the American Moving and Storage Association if they perform interstate moves. Moving companies are liable for damages that may occur, and you can claim the insurance on your goods only if the company is licensed and insured.

Request for quotes

Quotes from a moving company will help you have a clear view of the cost you incur. The best way to get a great price from a pool of moving companies is to request quotes from a minimum of 3 to a maximum of 7 price quotes from different home movers companies. Bear in mind that low prices mean you won’t enjoy certain services, which could affect you in one way or the other. Choosing a home mover close by will significantly reduce cost and stress. The quotes will also show essential aspects such as insurance coverage, whether your possessions get damaged or stolen in transit, and the kind of compensation to expect.

Put it all on paper

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A moving contract, also known as an order for service, is a statement outlining the terms and conditions of your move. By recording everything on paper and obtaining the required signatures, both parties agree to certain specifics that dictate the moving service they’ll provide. Many things like communication, schedules, etc., can go wrong during moving, resulting in disputes between you and the moving company. Verbal agreements may become your word against theirs, so you need contracts to prove any agreements. Don’t hire companies that don’t offer written contracts. The document should detail the responsibility of both parties.

Review company policies

It’s best to analyze the company’s policies and decide if they meet your needs. Some questions you should ask during your analysis include whether the company policies accommodate all your specific moving requirements, as well as their terms and conditions regarding returns and delays? Do they have all the equipment necessary for items like pianos, and are their moving dates and times convenient for you? Do they specialize in the type of moving you need, and can you reschedule the move? Remember, some companies specialize in international moving, others local or cross-country. Therefore, it’s best to find out if the moving company provides additional service and packages. 

With all these great tips in mind, you’ve probably figured out that picking the right moving company is not as easy it seems. Although highly trained and professional, there are still bound to be some mistakes if you’re not thorough enough, and your belongings may sustain damages. Due to this, your best bet is to stick with an appropriately licensed and insured moving company. With this and the other tips in mind, you can ask relevant questions to get the best service that will work for you.

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