I have learned many of my money mistakes the hard way. And that is why, I am more than happy to share my money management tips for millennial moms. From one mom to another.

Money is not one of those things that I’ve always understood. Sure, I realize that money is somewhat necessary but I’ve also come to realize that money isn’t everything. That doesn’t mean, of course, that I want to make too many mistakes.

I’ve racked up my fair share of debt. College loans, after all, will do that. I’ve also had a few credit cards that really weren’t necessary. And my savings could definitely use some padding.

I’m happy to share budgeting tips, frugal living tips, and ways to get out of debt. From one millennial mom to another, I hope that you find these money management tips for millennial moms to be of use!


Budgeting Tips for Families

First, let’s talk about budgeting. This wasn’t something that I was too keen to get started but soon enough I realized how necessary it was to have a budget in place. Sure, we don’t always stay in our budget, but it’s definitely helped a lot when it comes to managing our money.

Have you considered starting a budget for your family? Hoping to take better control of your family finances? Check out these easy tips to creating a family budget. Tracking family expenses is a crucial part of planning a family budget. Get access to this free spreadsheet when you join the Content Club. Are you trying to get out of debt? Why not create a get out of debt budget. Many may think that living within a budget is confining and restricting. And while this may be somewhat true, it is entirely possible to live well within a budget.
Starting a Family Budget Tracking Family Expenses Creating a Get Out of Debt Budget Living Well Within a Budget

How to Get out of Debt

Now, as I have mentioned, I have managed to accumulate some debt. Student loans and some not so smart financial decisions when it came to credit cards. Fortunately, it’s not a huge amount. But it’s still enough that I’d like to have it all under control.

not so secret get out of debt secrets how to manage student loan debt Struggling with debt? Before you seek financial help, take a look at these steps to take to get out of debt yourself. If you truly feel like you're drowning in debt with no end in sight, take a look at these simple debt management tips.
Get Out of Debt Secrets Managing Student Loan Debt Getting Out Of Debt Yourself Simple Debt Management Tips

Financial Tips and Advice

While we’re on the topic of debt, and since this page is about money management, let’s talk about some financial advice. Please do keep in mind- I am not an accountant. I don’t have have a financial background. I’m just a millennial mom trying to share some money management tips.

For many of us, personal finances are a source of stress. Here are a few ways to improve your personal finances so you can hopefully find some stress relief. Going through a divorce can be a difficult and trying time. And though it may be the last thing on your mind, here are a few tips for how to divorce proof your personal finances. Have you set financial goals? If not, what's stopping you from creating them? Financial mistakes are more common than you think. Here are just a few common financial mistakes and some tips for how to avoid them.
How to Improve Personal Finances How to Divorce Proof Your Finances Setting Realistic Financial Goals Common Financial Mistakes

How It Pays to Be Frugal

One of the biggest things that has helped with improving our financial situation, was to start living a more frugal lifestyle. Now, I’m not a perfect minimalist by any stretch and I could certainly use a hand with getting the clutter under control. But, I’ve also learned to appreciate what we have and to make use of what we have before buying something new.

how difficult is it to be frugal Being frugal means different things to different people. Here are six simple habits of frugal people. Do you have any of these? Do we really need all of that stuff? Here's how we're learning to live with less. Decluttering doesn't just happen in your home. Here are 11 easy ways to decluter your life for less stress.
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I hope that these money management tips will help you in the right direction!

Money management has never been my strong suit. At least not until I got older. Now, I'm happy to share the tips and tricks that I've learned when it comes to making smarter decisions about my money.