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Most people are familiar with the concept of spring cleaning. As the new year continues to progress and the weather improves, it’s the perfect time to sort through your house and get everything done at once. This way, you can get the deep clean out of the way and you can start with a blank slate.

The same principle can be applied to home maintenance tasks as well. This is especially true if you’ve been through a tough winter, but it’s always a good idea to make sure that your home gets regular maintenance to keep it safe and secure. This can even save you money, as you can catch some potential disasters before they strike and cause more damage.

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Doors and Windows

Your doors and windows have a surprising impact on your home. While you certainly don’t need to replace them every year, it is always worth taking some time to check that your doors and windows are okay. 

If your hinges are stiff or squeaky, then oil them so that your doors and windows open and close smoothly. It’s a small job, but it can make the world of difference. You should also clean them. But the most important thing is to check how effective the seal is on your doors and windows.

Heat can escape through poorly sealed windows and doors, so whether you need to keep your house warm in winter or cool in summer, bad sealant can cost you a lot of extra money on utilities. Sometimes, you can patch up a poor seal job and keep your windows going, but it might be beneficial to replace them with something more effective. 


Your plumbing system is one of those things that’s easy to ignore until there’s a problem. But even something as small as a dripping faucet can waste gallons of water a year, especially if the drip is consistent. 

Check your pipes for leaks and take note of more obvious problems. You might be able to fix some minor issues yourself, but if you’re not sure, then call in a plumber. True, a professional might be expensive, but a flood can cost a lot more if things go wrong. 


Your roof takes a lot of punishment, especially through the winter. You should always check your roof after a storm for damage, as lost tiles can add up to leaks and water damage. If you see any problems, then contact a company like Prime Roofing which can repair or replace your roof if needed. 

Get the roof checked regularly, even if there hasn’t been a storm. This way, you can find small issues before they grow.

Paint Touch-ups

Finally, if you’ve noticed that the paint job in or on your home is getting shabby, then it’s time for a touch-up. A fresh coat of paint can do wonders for your walls and give them a new lease of life. This is also a quick and easy way to update the look of your home.

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