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There are approximately 2.5 millions break-in every year in the US alone. If this happens to you, you will feel violated in a way you have never felt before. A complete stranger going through all your personal things. This is just as heartbreaking if you have your online property hacked too. A lot of these break-ins and attacks are done because the thieves have spotted an opportunity.

If your security is lax or you have things on show then you are far more likely to be targeted. What this means is that you have the power to prevent it from happening to you. All you need are a few good measures in place, and you can protect yourself. To help you out, here are a few things to think about:



Your Front Door

Believe it or not, at least a third or more of all home break-ins are caused by people breaking in through the front door. Whether it be them simply opening up the door or kicking it in, it makes no difference. The result is the same to you. If your front door has an old-fashioned lock, is particularly worn and flimsy, or the frame is weak and in need of strengthening, then you should invest. A new door and frame which is tough and can withstand being kicked are essential. As is a lock that is difficult or impossible to break into. A fragile front door is like catnip to an opportunistic thief.  


The Windows

Windows that have weak locks, that are left open, or do not have any netting, blinds, or curtains to hide your belonging are all problematic. You need to start with the basics, don’t show off your things to the outside world; cover them up with some form of protection. If your windows have a flimsy lock, you can always purchase a secondary lock to place on the windows; these can be made with alarms integrated too. If you live in a high crime area, then you could try putting bars up; this will make it far too difficult for a would-be thief. 


A Security System

It is pretty simple today to go out and buy a whole security system with cameras linked to your smartphone so you can monitor your home no matter where you are. These systems also have doorbell cameras, motion sensors, alarms, lights, etc.; you can even have a system connected to a security firm that attends whenever the alarm goes off. There are a lot of systems available on the marketplace; it all depends on what level of safety you want and how much you are willing to spend on peace of mind. 


Internet Security

It is essential that you pay particular attention to your online security. Cybercrime is on the rise. Anyone with a computer connected to the Internet can get hacked. People have ransomware loaded onto their computers all the time. The last thing you want is to pay a fine to get back onto your computer. So, make sure you follow the right basic rules. Use a password; in fact, why not use two factor authentication?

Take a look at how to set up two factor authentication. Other things to do include installing anti-virus software and using firewalls. Make sure that no one on the home uses a strange flash drive on the computer and no one opens ups links in phishing emails. Consider also a VPN (Virtual Private Network). There are a lot of measures you can put into place to protect your privacy online, and the peace of mind you get from some of them is definitely worth the price.  



As a basic rule of thumb, every home should have a smoke detector. If there is a fire, you need to be alerted so you can escape. It also makes sense to have escape routes planned and teach these to your children. If you have a large home, then maybe you could practice these escapes every so often. Consider getting fire extinguishers too.  



Insurance is a great way to protect your finances in the case of something actually happening. If you are broken into, you may not be able to stop that feeling of violation, but at least you know that you are not going to suffer financially too. There are a lot of different types of insurance we can get from car, health, life, and property or home insurance, which all give us that extra peace of mind in the case of something unexpected happening.


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