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Moving home can be very stressful. They say that buying the home is the hard part but the upheaval of moving your life from one home to the other has to be the hardest part. It can feel like a never-ending process. Especially if your move sees you crossing states and even venturing into a new country. 

While it is stressful it can also be a very exciting time in your life. A time where you begin a new chapter, perhaps for work. Or maybe you and your family are wanting to experience new things in a new place. But it is also one of the biggest purchases we can make in a lifetime, and while the paperwork and the exchange of money is one element, the moving process can feel like a whole new hurdle to navigate and overcome. However, it doesn’t have to be tough. With that in mind, here are some of the top tips to handle the moving process like a pro. The quicker you are in, the quicker you can relax and begin to enjoy the new chapter in your lives.

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Start packing as soon as possible 

The sooner you start packing, the better organized you will feel. There is nothing worse than moving day creeping on you and thinking that you have too much to do. Little and often is the key to packing things up. This will allow you to stay organized and think about the process. Making it a much easier transition from home to home. Leaving things to the last minute can mean you rush the packing stage. This can leave you feeling disorganized in your new place. 

Label the boxes 

When you begin packing, try and work out where you would want things to go in your new house. Try and pack those items in the same box and then label that box. This means that when you move you know exactly where to unload that box too. Making it much easier to unpack. You think packing is tough, unpacking is just as hard. 

Get professionals if needed

If you have a lot to move or feel that it is too much of a task for you to take on then consider hiring professional removalists to help you get the job done. A quick search online for local movers will help you identify options that you can consider. Often they have transport to take advantage of and plenty of muscle for the heavy lifting. Meaning you can concern yourself with your family and the essentials. It isn’t always the easiest thing to do when it comes to the physical aspect of moving house, but having a professional company do it can help to make it easier. Some companies even offer a packing service so they can do all of the hard work for you, allowing you to just focus on getting there and starting this new chapter. 

Pack essentials separately

You have to think about moving logically. Packing essentials in a box that you know you will need more or less straight away is an excellent idea. Things like a kettle, a few cups, tea bags or coffee and so on. You will more than likely want to have a drink when you arrive. Especially if you have hired professionals or got some friends and family to help. You may not be up to cooking either, so some plates and a search online for decent takeaway options might also be on the cards. 

Overnight bags are a great idea

Keep your overnight items separate to anything else. A good idea would be to pack a suitcase full of clothes and accessories. Enough to last a few days. This will take the stress out of searching through boxes while you settle into your new home.

Many hands make lighter work

Many hands do make lighter work. So rope in as many friends and family to help out with the move. Even if all they do is occupy your children or make drinks for everyone. If any family can pre-prepare food for you as well, that would be a great help. 

Try not to stress about it

Finally, try not to get too stressed out with the process. It is an upheaval but focusing on the future and why you are doing this will help you to get through the tough moments. Before you know it you will be all unpacked and be able to enjoy your new home. 

Let’s hope these tips help you when it comes to moving home. 

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