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Now that our toddler is old enough to participate in trick-or-treating, we're looking for Halloween costume ideas for a family of four.

Ah yes, Halloween. For some this is an enjoyable time of the year. And for many kids (and kids at heart), this is their favorite time of the year.

I’ll be honest, I was more of a fan of Halloween as a child. But that is also changing now that Squeaker is getting older. Seeing and experiencing life through her eyes has really given me a new perspective on a lot of things.

That includes holidays like Halloween.

Like me though, Kyle is not a huge Halloween person. But that doesn’t mean that we don’t want to make the holiday memorable for our toddler. We’ll get into the spirit with her and celebrate family style. For us, this year, that means our first time trick or treating as a family. That also means finding costume ideas for our family of four (since T & J won’t be here) and that will be sensory friendly enough for Sweet B.

My first thought was to raid the dress up box that Squeaker has- and lo and behold, I had two ideas at the ready! One really stood out to me, and to Squeaker.


Squeaker, Sweet B, and I can easily be the pigs wearing these masks and sweat suits. It’s such an easy idea and budget friendly as well. While it’s not completely DIY, it was simple enough and something that we can definitely fall back on.


The dress up trunk also had a set of bear ears (three in total) and a blonde wig. So, if it comes down to it we can also go the Goldilocks and the 3 Bears route.

But, as you can see, Squeaker is pretty set on being a little pig.


If, however, we need another fall back plan, I was looking into costume ideas inspired by movie & television families and classic Halloween movies.

I’m not sure about you, but Ghostbusters 2016 is also packed full of costume choices. I may have grown up with the 80’s version but the new release has it’s winning points, too.

Really there are a ton of ideas if you just give it some thought. Maybe next year we’ll be able to expand our choices.

And speaking of the New Ghostbusters, did you know that it’s available now (10/11) at Walmart? You can purchase the Blu Ray, DVD and 4K Ultra HD of the 2016 movie. The BluRay edition includes 15 minutes of footage not shown in theaters. Plus over three hours of hilarious extras!

Who knows, maybe after watching the movie our family costume idea will change. I think that will be easy to DIY too.

  • Jumpsuits
  • Homemade proton packs (either backpacks or using cardboard boxes)
  • Boots

Really, how much easier can it be? Or if you really want to take an easier way out? Those Ghostbusters need something to fight, so be a ghost!

Our first outing as a family this year for Halloween also means that we might split up for trick or treating, so having reliable phones and phone service is also a must for keeping in touch.


With Walmart Family Mobile, we can get a new LGK7 starter kit for $49.88 (on rollback from $89.88). With each phone, you do need to purchase a starter kit and the Nano Starter kit is $19.88 (on rollback from $25). This was the option that we ended up going since Family Mobile bills you later, you only have to pay $19.88 when you sign up.

And with the Walmart Family Mobile Plus plan, we get: Unlimited Talk, Text, & Data which includes up to 10GB of 4G LTE plus a free movie on VUDU every month ($7 value) per line for $49.88.

With this extra data, we can enjoy all of the movies and internet streaming that we want without having to worry about going over! This helps tremendously when it comes to keeping the kiddos entertained (or when we need a break).

If you’ve been curious or wanting to experience virtual reality, all customers who activate new lines on any rate plan from 10/1-10/31 will receive a code providing a free download of the Ghostbuster VR Experience! If you’ve ever wanted to be a Ghostbuster, this is your chance to do so.

Here’s how you do it:

  1. Visit the demo at your local Walmart and purchase a new Walmart Family Mobile phone and starter kit. This is when you get your special code.
  2. Go ahead and visit
  3. Register and Redeem your code
  4. Download app from Apple Store or Google Play —> You are a Ghostbuster!

The in-store demo will also give you a great opportunity to learn more about the value of signing up for Walmart Family Mobile. Because, while I can tell you about this and share my own excitement; the best way to learn about it is to experience it yourself.

Do you and your family do themed Halloween costumes? What will you be this year?

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7 years ago

We don’t do themed family Halloween costumes but one of my BFF’s does and I love seeing what they come up with each year! Ghostbusters would be a great theme!

7 years ago

I love seeing families do matching type costumes…so fun! One of my daughter’s teachers and her family went as peas in a pod one year and it was adorable!