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A newly renovated bathroom – Excited or frightened vibe? 


If this is not your first rodeo, you are aware of how difficult it can be to manage all the moving components of a new bathroom. You might even be waiting for a fairy godmother to appear and make all your difficult choices for you! But this won’t be happening…


Though yes!! this article can serve as your go-to resource or godmother, providing all the elements that your ideal bathroom needs to be distinctive, luxurious, and comfy.


Also, these excellent recommendations you can put into practice right now if you’re remodeling a bathroom or even simply thinking about it. 

So start reading…..

A Bathroom Which You Never Wish To Leave 


  1. Separate Dry And Wet Areas

Wondering if this step is unnecessary? But it is not. Nowadays, people prefer getting ready in the bathroom because of their busy schedules. They don’t have enough time to enter another room, sit down, and then get ready. Hence, having a separate dry area in a bathroom gives them more space to get ready without spoiling the wet area. Additionally, if you had gotten ready in the bedroom, you might have utterly spoiled everything and would have had to spend an additional hour cleaning and organizing. 


Furthermore, if you separate the dry and wet areas, you can hide the toilet area will give a more luxurious and spa-type look to your bathroom. Hence it is a must-consider point when renovating the bathroom.  


  •  Add Windows And More Mirrors 

If you want a luxurious look, Remodel your bathroom today by adding mirrors and windows. You can add a window near the shower area, near the sink, or corner of the bathroom with a green plant to leave a touch of nature. But make sure you frost the glass to block all visibility while just allowing morning light to pass through. This will not only reduce your electricity costs but will also improve the aesthetics of your bathroom. 


Add a large, rectangular mirror over your sink to further expand the impression of space in your bathroom.  


  • Add Storage To Your Bathroom 

Adding extra storage space to the bathroom is always a plus point, at least if you desire to have a lavishly comfortable bathroom. 


Your towels, toiletries, and other items will require a place to be stored. Building a shelf or cupboard over or beneath the sink in your bathroom can keep them out of sight and out of the way. Building one on the wall is an option if you have more room. 


But if you are limited in space, think about obtaining a plastic or woven storage box and putting all of your bathroom supplies inside of it. 


  • Install Lights Adequately 

Natural lights will enhance the overall look of the area, but if you plan to add artificial lights to give a natural look, you have to be very precious. 


The majority of individuals just put a single light on the bathroom ceiling’s top. But they fail to realize that the lighting in your bathroom is the key element to enhance the overall look. Hence, adding recessed downlights, spotlights, cabinet lights, and mirror lights will boost the overall environment of the bathroom and leaves a touch of luxury. Also, you can include ambient lights to create a nice spa-type look.

Closing Lines 

Now your bathroom has complete lighting, better mirror visibility, and an opulent atmosphere that is only found in hotels and upscale eateries!


You can also install a smart appliance and save energy and resources. Also, add head showers, bat tub or jacuzzi, and many more luxurious items to add a touch of 5-star. But, it solely depends on personal preferences. 

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