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Whatever we do in life, we’re always giving off subtle messages and subliminal meanings – even when we don’t know that we’re doing it. Whether it’s how we dress, how to talk to the person we like, or how we simply stand still, we’re trying to tell everyone around us a lot more than what our mouths say. It’s pretty cool that there’s a deeper meaning to absolutely everything in life; it adds to the wonder and excitement of this entire existence.

A person’s home and the way they behave around it is just another example of this kind of thing. A home’s job is basically to house the person/people that own it – it is just four walls and a roof, after all. But the way someone acts inside it means it becomes so much more than that. A person’s house is basically reflective of the actual person. Every aspect of it is a visual representation of what the human that possesses it is thinking or has thought about in the past. Pretty cool, huh? Sure, the structure and the fundamentals were all part of the overall building plan, and every home in that area looks the same, but the changes are all unique to the individual.

When you dig a little further, you’re able to see that there are a lot of different cogs that go into a person’s abode. Because of the variety in terms of products and ways to customize, no house looks the same. Each area and every little facet shows what kind of person inhabits the home. Let’s go into a little more depth regarding a bunch of different parts:   

Immediate Impressions Upon Arrival

First impressions count for a lot in most walks of life. When someone sees another person, they know immediately whether they like them or not. It sounds pretty shallow, but that’s just how our brains work. The first five seconds can be enough to determine an entire decision. Things can be mended, but you can never change that feeling you had when you first encountered something or someone. If you do your best to have that attractive front of house, then it shows just how much you pride have in your home. It also shows that you really like impressive others. Wanting to look the part in order to gain respect and the right attention is often a positive attribute and serves you well when you strive for other things.  

If you’ve taken time out of your life to clean the driveway and sort out the front lawn, then you’re clearly someone that takes a lot of pride in their work ethic. If you’re a big fan of gardening and creating a wonderful front of house, then you’ll have no problem with this kind of job, but many like to leave everything as is and work on other aspects of the home. These kinds of jobs aren’t exactly the most fashionable for lots of people, so it projects onto others how much you care about aesthetics.


They’re more than just rotating pieces of wood that allow you to transition between rooms. If you can install a prettier door, then people will feel a lot more welcomed – even in terms of comfort as they enter a room they’ve never been in before. You know the feeling; you’ve had it before. When you enter a lovely home, the doors make you feel at ease as you make your way around the place. It doesn’t matter whether we’re talking about garage doors, interior barn doors, or front doors – they all hold importance.  


How you treat the first welcoming stages of the interior shows how you feel about other people’s comfort. If you’re not too bothered about how they’ll feel as they enter uncharted territory, then you’re probably not going to give this area much thought. When people enter a new area, they need to be able to collect themselves and take in the surroundings.

Colour Scheme

The colour scheme says a lot about who you are a person. Colours represent a person in so many aspects, including clothes, cars, and other everyday equipment. If you have quite a collection of colours, then it shows that you have a bit of confidence in you. You’re not afraid to mix this up a little and attract eyes. If, on the other hand, you elect for ‘safe’ colours like beige, tan, and white, then you’re more likely to quite the quiet character. You’re not really interested in people commenting on your interior, and you’d rather people focused on something else.

Overall Style

This is more about what kind of things you’re into than what your inner personality is. Some people like to have everything up to date and modern, whereas others like to have a more classic and olden style. If you have the newest and freshest designs, then you’re probably more inclined to show off to everybody what you have.

Living Room

This place is probably the most significant room in the house, right? It’s where you’ll stay if you want to relax, it’s where you’ll go when you don’t know what you’re doing with your day, and it’s a place where everyone will congregate. Because of its significance, it can say a lot about a person or family. It might even encompass many of the previous points all in one: the colour scheme and the welcoming feel both play a big part.

If you like to keep everything organized then it, again, tells the world that you’re more organized in general. The way you behave at work, the way you set out to do menial tasks, and the routine that you live your everyday life in will probably also be kept in an assembled manner. There’s obviously nothing wrong with a more laid back attitude in terms of the living room: this type of behaviour usually says that you’re a fairly chilled out individual.

Obviously, this kind of analysis, while super cool, isn’t absolutely set-in-stone and completely correct. There will be different people all around the world that exhibit different behaviours and mannerisms that aren’t directly linked to their home. It’s uncanny how the two often go hand in hand, however. The next time you go into a friend or family member’s home, see if you can spot a few aspects and see how they align with their overall character and identity!  

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