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Though there are still a few weeks of school left in NY, many are already making summer plans. Maybe you live in another part of the country and your summer break will be starting sooner. Whatever the case may be, I wanted to help you with bringing a few ideas for fun summer activities for families. And guess what? I’m also including a free family summer planner! It starts in May and ends with August. You’ll see more pages in the post so just keep reading!

Planning your summer vacation? Be sure to pick up a free copy of my family summer planner.

Whether you’ve already finalized your plans or you’re still in the midst of making them; I hope this post can be of use! We’ve already shared some of our top picks for family vacations. And I’ve tried to make my case for a visit to Sesame Place.

However, if you’re looking for alternatives to traveling or planning a big vacation, I have a few ideas to share with you.

5 Alternatives to Planning a Big Summer Vacation

Vacations can be fun, educational and provide lasting memories for years to come, the trick is, finding the right one. Whether you’re looking at a short day trip or a month long cross country excursion, here are some tips to help make that choice a little easier.

* Sometimes the simple things are the most fun. When we were kids, we were left to our own devices for entertaining ourselves for a good part of the summer.

If you can’t afford a two week trip or have no public pool available, a day trip to the toy store could work wonders. You could get some water guns, balloons to fill with water and other water toys that connect to a garden hose for a fun afternoon in the back yard.

A new bookshelf can be filled with a whole summer’s worth of reading, or a rocking horse can be great fun for exercising the imagination.

* If your work schedule and the kids’ day camp won’t allow for a few weeks away, maybe a series of short day trips are for you and your family.

A day trip usually consists of a destination no more than an hour or two away from home. The beauty about these day trips is you can go some place different each weekend. Beaches and lakes are at the top of the list for day trips. If you live near a major city, a trip to the museum or zoo is always fun.

Check the internet for theme parks that might be close by too.

The day trip can easily be made into an over night/2 day trip. Maybe you and your kids want to spend more than just a day in the city? You can find inexpensive hotels to stay in and make a full weekend trip out of your visit.

* Road trips can be fun too. Why fly to your destination when you can make a vacation out of the trip itself? If you live in the Northeast and want to go to Disney World in Florida, you can drive down the coast and visit a few places along the way. There are plenty of historical sites and national parks to see.

Why fly over them when you can stop and explore them for yourself? In fact, you could rent an RV and save on finding lodging along the way.

* Of course theme parks are always the number one destination for kids. All of them want to go to Disney Land, Sea World, Busch Gardens, Six Flags and many others.

There’s more to life than theme parks and if you’re going on vacation for longer than a week, there’s no reason why you can’t work in some educational with the fun. Plan for a day or two at the park and then go visit some other sites as well.

Specialized vacations are fun too. Do you and your family enjoy diving? Or maybe you like hiking, or rock climbing or ATVs? You can expand on any of your hobbies and turn them into a vacation. ATV camping is a hot activity now as longer trails are opening up everyday.

Most resorts also offer specialized activities such as scuba diving or rock climbing along with instruction for beginners of all ages. Dude ranches can be fun too and give your child a glimpse of what life might be like on a ranch or to work with horses.

Whatever you end up doing for your summer vacation- be it an all out road trip or a fun filled staycation; I hope that you’ll find my family summer planner of use!

Download your free Family Summer Planner

How are you spending your summer vacation?

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