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Many of us are guilty of prioritizing other commitments and activities over family time. However, family time is something that can never be won back – before long, your kids will grow up and your parents and grandparents will no longer be around.

Prioritizing family time can help you to build strong bonds and lasting happy memories. Of course, it’s important that this is quality time – you may all be in the same room together, but if you’re all staring at your phones, you’re not really spending time together. Here are just a few ways in which you can encourage more quality time with family.

Designate a family night

It could be worth designating one night per week for family time. This could be spent together in the living room or you could get out of the house and all go somewhere together. Planning an activity could help to encourage interaction – this could include playing board games, cooking a meal together or going bowling. You could even introduce a ‘no phones’ or ‘no tv’ rule for the evening (or simply for an hour if you think this will cause a riot).

Take up a new hobby together

Taking up a new hobby as a family could give you all interest and joint goals to focus on. This could be spent with one other family member or as a whole family unit. A few common family hobbies include cycling, hiking, learning a musical instrument together, attending sports events, playing golf or attending martial arts classes.

Schedule day trips

A whole day trip together could be a great opportunity for bonding. There are lots of possible ideas for day trips from visiting a zoo to going to a sports event. You don’t even need to spend a lot of money – you could go on a bike trip, fly kites, go hunting for local nature, have a picnic or attend a local free event. Make sure to schedule day trips in advance so that you can all free up this date.

When buying gifts, consider joint experiences

When it comes to special occasions that involve gifts such as Christmas or Mother’s Day, consider buying people experiences that you can share. This could turn out to be a lot more meaningful than a physical gift. Such an experience could be something to enjoy on the day or it could be something that you can both enjoy in the future. You can find plenty of experience gift packages online if you need inspiration.

Plan a family vacation

A family vacation could be the ultimate way to spend quality time together. You can all take a break from the numerous other commitments of life and focus on each other. A family vacation doesn’t have to be expensive – you could stay with a relative that lives far away or spend a weekend away camping somewhere local (a camping trip could also help to minimize electronic distractions such as TV and internet).

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