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Our homes are many things: shelter from the outdoors, a canvas to express our personality, and a place to raise our family and create memories. They should also be something else, however, which is often overlooked: relaxing. In today’s ever frantic world, it’s important that we have a space in which we can unwind and recoup energy. While many people go to great lengths to make sure their home looks fantastic, not everyone takes the same care to ensure their home is a relaxing place too. But fear not, because transforming your home to one of relaxation isn’t all that difficult. Below, we take a look at a few tried and tested ways to up your home’s relaxation credentials.



Get Rid of The Chaos

When you look around your home, do you see peace, or do you see chaos? It doesn’t take long for our homes to become cluttered with junk that we don’t really need. If you never have a clearout, then after a few years, your home will be overrun with objects. It’s usually only after we get rid of those old and unnecessary materials items that we realize how much they were contributing to feelings of stress. The process couldn’t be easier, either — simply go around your house, and get rid of (sell/donate) anything that you haven’t used or even touched in the past six months. You won’t miss them.

A Good Night’s Sleep

Sleep is much more important than a lot of people realize. The difference between a sound night’s sleep, and one that was disturbed is profound. If you’ve slept well, you’ll find that you’re in a more cheerful and agreeable mood during the day. If you haven’t, you’ll be more irritable and less able to focus. Why mood would you rather be in? It’s a simple process to transform your home into a space that’s conducive to rest. First, make it presentable and orderly. After that, it’s all about upgrading your bedding, and blocking out any disturbances such as noise or light (earplugs and a sleeping mask can make all the difference).

In the Outdoors

There’s a lot of value in simply being outside. Spent thirty minutes reading under the sunshine, and you’ll naturally feel more at ease (humans, after all, belong in the outdoors). As such, it’s worthwhile taking a look at your yard area, and making some improvements to make it more relaxing and enjoyable. Begin by working with a landscaping company to get the space into a presentable condition. From there, it’s all about adding the staples of comfortable outdoor living, such as tables, chairs, and extra-relaxing touches such as a hammock. Add a BBQ, and you’ll have a bona fide relaxing outdoor space.

Focus Rooms

You don’t need to transform your home into one large bastion of comfort and relaxation. Well, you could, but that’ll take too much time, effort, and money. Instead, it’s best to just focus on the areas of the home where the comfort levels will really make a difference. The kitchen, living room, and bathroom, for example, are areas where an added dose of comfort can go a long way. Pay particular attention to the bathroom. If it’s spacious, warm, and full of high-quality towels and other comforting touches, you’ll be able to enjoy the space all the year-round, especially during the chilly months.

Feeding the Senses

There are multiple layers to relaxation. Being able to mentally enjoy your home is a good start, which is why you’ll take steps to clear the space and keep it tidy. But there are others to make your home inviting, too. Incense, scent diffusers, and candles are just three examples of items for the home that can put you into a relaxing state. There’s a long list of scents which, for purely biological reasons, help put us humans into a happy state — take a look at lemon, lavender, and jasmine, to name but three.

Tech-Free Zones

One reason why so many people are stressed is that they’re endlessly glued to their smartphones, tablets, and devices. As such, one of the best ways to relax in your home is to simply switch them off and put them down for a while. But who has the willpower to do that? If you don’t, look at setting up a tech-free room in your home. When you’re there, you’ll read, or meditate, or do whatever else helps you to relax. You can spend an hour or two without checking in online without big repercussions!


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