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In this day and age the people of the world are becoming more conscious of the impact we’re having on our beautiful green earth. Smart initiatives have seen countries remove plastic bags from supermarkets as well as introducing recycling schemes to reduce the amount of waste that ends up in landfill. There are many changes that you can make to your home that will be more beneficial to the environment, so if you’re looking to make a change and do your bit for the environment, you’ve come to the right place! Take a look at environmentally friendly changes you can make to your home that will be kind on your wallet too!

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We are all aware of how much our energy costs have increased over the last decade, but the sad reality is that we all need lighting when it becomes dark at night. At night, some of us may even leave a hallway light on for the kids. Installing dimmer switches in your home is a perfect way to save money while also stopping you from blinding yourself in the middle of the night as you step into the hallway. They will not only save you money because you can monitor the amount of light they emit, but they will also allow you to create a cosy atmosphere in each room when desired.

If you can’t add dimmer switches in your home because your landlord won’t let you, you could use energy-saving light bulbs instead. Energy-saving dimmer switch light bulbs are also available to ensure that you are being as environmentally friendly as possible.

Vegetable patch

Building a vegetable patch and a greenhouse in your garden will allow you to grow the fruits and vegetables that you consume on a regular basis. You will not only save money by not having to purchase these items at the store, but you will also be helping the environment by being part of the community that is becoming self-sufficient.


You’ll also find a difference in the taste of your homegrown produce. This is due to the fact that they haven’t been sprayed with harmful chemicals and are grown in as natural a soil as possible. Making sure your food isn’t contaminated with harmful substances is also good for the atmosphere. Pests can become a problem when growing your own produce, but this can be eliminated by non harmful pest control and keeping your produce safe from pests in your greenhouse. While it won’t eliminate them permanently, it will reduce the amount dramatically.


If you haven’t replaced the windows in your home in a long time, it might be time to consider having double glazing windows installed. Not only will they totally transform the look of your house, but they will also help keep the heat in when it’s needed and out when it’s not. Installing them is environmentally friendly because you can use less gas and electricity to maintain a comfortable temperature in your house. If your windows have been draughty or are a little too old and thin, this is definitely an investment worth considering.

Solar Panels

Solar panels are certainly something we’ve all learned of by now. They are environmentally friendly panels that are mounted on your roof to absorb the sun’s uv rays and convert them into energy that can be used in your home. Installing solar panels would drastically reduce the amount of electricity you use. Many pleased customers have commented on how low their summer energy bills are due to the amount of energy generated by their solar panels. Within a year of purchase, they pay for themselves and last a lifetime. Consider making this brilliant environmentally friendly change to your home that might be a hefty investment to begin with, but are without a doubt worth every penny.

Log Fire

Removing your gas fireplaces and replacing them with log burners is a fantastic way to help the environment by eliminating the use of harmful gases to heat your home. Your home can now be heated with logs and charcoal. Remember that you’ll need to maintain your log burner in order to get the best results, but once you’ve mastered that, you’ll be able to heat your home for next to nothing. Particularly when compared to what you were paying previously. Log burners are also extremely cozy and add a beautiful touch to every home. They can give your home a rustic, old-fashioned look or a sleek, modern appearance.

So, if you’re looking to make your home more environmentally friendly, check out these ideas. You’ll start to see the results of all of your hard work soon. Let’s keep saving the planet for our children!

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