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It’s fair to say that your home can fall victim to countless different emergency situations, each of which could potentially be putting you and your family in harm’s way. 


Fortunately, figuring out how to proactively tackle these dangers to reduce the risk and stay safe inside your home needn’t be as difficult as you might initially expect. This guide will help you to understand the best way to approach each emergency efficiently, as it contains some of the most effective steps that you can follow to find the most appropriate solution in record time! 


So, what are you waiting for? Read on to discover more.

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Tackling A Power Failure


There’s nothing worse than having all the lights and other electronics switch right off in the middle of the evening when it’s already dark outside, as it’s always a mad scramble trying to grab enough torches and candles to see what’s going on. 


Whenever you experience a power failure, the first port of call involves accessing the source panel to see whether you simply need to flick the switch back up. If all seems fine then this would suggest a bigger issue, so at this point you should think about contacting a specialist. You may have experienced a power surge, so it’s a good idea to unplug large electronics like television sets whilst you wait for the specialist to arrive. 


Handling Burst Pipe 


A burst pipe can cause so much chaos, especially if it’s an internal leak on the top floor of your property. A burst pipe can completely flood your home if you don’t take action immediately, and unless you have plumbing knowledge then it’s a good idea to find a contact number for an emergency plumber service like Edwards Plumbing that can help you to tackle your problem. 


Whilst you wait for a plumber to arrive, take some old towels or clothing and lay it around the area that is leaking water. Switch off your water supply at the source if you can, and avoid using the taps or toilet until the plumber arrives. Remove any furniture or other items that might get damaged by water, too. 


Resolving A Blocked Toilet 


A blocked toilet can encourage dirty water to build up inside the bowl, eventually spilling over to infect your bathroom with bacteria laden liquid that carries quite the health risk. 


If you manage to catch the blockage before the toilet bowl fills with water, take a plunger and press it firmly on the source of the blockage until it seals, pulling upwards and pushing forwards repeatedly with force. Utilize this method for 20 seconds, continuing for a second time if the first isn’t quite successful. If you encounter a blocked toilet in the advanced stages, call an emergency plumber immediately. Follow the same steps as you would for a burst pipe, moving furniture and any other items that you don’t want to get damaged by sewage. 


Understanding how to solve these common household emergencies will help you to sleep with greater peace of mind. 

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