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Awesome Hacks For Home Cleaning

For moms, cleaning is one activity that seems unending, and sometimes you want to stop due to tiredness. But because you want to keep the home clean and safe, you have no option other than to clean. Regardless of the hard work you do to clean, sometimes something seems off. Perhaps a weird smell that hovers around your toilets could be indicative of a septic tank that needs septic pumping. Or it could be a difficult stain that refuses to leave. In this article, you shall learn about some awesome hacks that will make cleaning much easier for you.

Vodka is your friend

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We all know Vodka has a warming effect on your insides when you drink, and that can be a great feeling on a cold winter night. But that is not all that Vodka is good for. Vodka is a great cleaning agent and can adequately deal with germs and unsavory odors. All you need to do is to mix it into any homemade cleaning recipe, and you are all set. However, be mindful of using flavored Vodka as it is not as effective as the non-flavored ones.

Top to bottom

When you are cleaning, be conscious of how you go about it. Your cleaning approach will determine how well and quickly you will clean. The best cleaning approach is from top to bottom as you work your way towards the entrance. When you clean from the top, the dirt settles on the ground, making it easier for you to clean the floor and head out of the room.

Break bread

Bread is a staple in many households and is a fantastic tool for cleaning. For instance, clean the gaps in a brick wall, get a slice of white bread and press it into the wall. Now peel it off and watch how dirt and dust will stick to it. It is also a great tool to pick up small pieces of glass or ceramic if you accidentally drop a plate or glass. The smooth and dense nature of the bread enables it to pick up even the tiniest particles, preventing any cuts resulting from glass particles that were not adequately cleaned.

Pillowcase sheath

Ceiling fans can be pretty challenging to clean for two reasons, the height and the dust. If you do not like heights cleaning the fan must be a serious chore for you. But the dust presents an even more delicate situation as often you clean the floor before cleaning the fan. To solve this, place a pillowcase over the fan blades and pull them towards you. With the pillowcase serving as a sheath to the fan blade, you can easily clean it without getting dust on the floor.

Keep your old toothbrush

You might be wondering why, but your old toothbrush can be repurposed into a useful tool to clean hard-to-reach nooks and crannies in the bathroom. But before using them, you need to give them a good rinse in hot water to kill off any germs.

Use Coke for toilet stains

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Coke has a fascinating effect on toilet bowls. This makes it such an effective cleaning tool as it can get a not-so looking great toilet sparkling clean after applying it and cleaning. Pour an ample amount of Coke on the toilet bowl and in it and leave it overnight. Half of your work will be done by morning; all that is left is to clean it and have your toilet looking bright and shiny once more.


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