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The sad truth about today’s modern world is that it’s not possible to live in a home and not worry about whether people might break into it or not. Burglaries can occur anywhere and at any time, with some brazen thieves even breaking into homes in broad daylight.

You’re probably reading this today because you have concerns about your home security setup and worry that you might be making certain mistakes with it each day.

The following points detail the most common security mistakes that householders and homeowners make with their properties, along with some tips on how to avoid making them in the future:

Failing To Upgrade Locks


Have you been using the same locks on your exterior doors and windows for a long time? Perhaps you’re using the same locks and keys as the ones used by the previous owner or occupier of your home?

In either of those cases, it makes sense to upgrade your door and window locks to ones that are more robust and come with brand new keys.

Doing so will ensure that you’re investing in the latest security technology for your home and are making it harder for thieves to break into your abode.

Keeping Valuables Out Of Sight


Let’s face it: you work hard for the things you buy in your home. The last thing you want to do is give nefarious elements of society any opportunities to steal those items from you easily.

One way to protect the valuable items in your home is by keeping them out of sight. For example, install some curtains or blinds on all ground floor windows so thieves can’t look into your home to determine what valuable goods are available to steal.

Sticking To The Same Daily Routine


Many people have similar daily routines: they get up, leave, and return home at virtually the same times each day. On weekends, they might have social routines where they leave their homes unoccupied for hours or even the whole weekend.

Consider changing things up by having different shift patterns at work or spending some of your time randomly working from home during the week. You could even park your car on the street on some days to help with that goal.

Leaving Tools And Valuable Items Outdoors


Are you guilty of leaving valuable and expensive items like bicycles, tools, and other items outdoors – especially in places where the public can clearly see what you’ve got outside?

If the answer is yes, now’s the time to remove any exposed valuables and hide them in a shed or indoors. Doing so will give burglars fewer reasons to want to break into your home.

Not Having Visible Security Measures


Lastly, make sure you have some visible security measures and theft deterrents on full view, such as security cameras, alarm systems, and even stickers warning would-be burglars that you have a security system installed at your home.

Thank you for reading this article – hopefully you’ll have the information you need to make your home more secure.

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