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Every homeowner wants a lawn they can be proud of, one that can stop passersby dead in their tracks in awe. And it all comes down to first-rate lawn care.

There are many DIY resources online to get you up to speed on maintaining your landscape. Indeed, there’s so much you can do yourself and save money.

However, homeowners often get to that point where the best step they can take is hiring a pro to do the job for them.

Here are 6 warning signs to determine when you need to call professional lawn care.



1. Drainage issues

If you discover waterlogged areas in your landscape, it’s a tell-tale sign you need to hire professional lawn care.

Most drainage issues result from an inadequate pitch or slope in your landscape, preventing water from moving away from the property. Unfortunately, this isn’t something you can readily handle yourself, so it’s ideal you call on the experts.

A lawn care professional can evaluate the existing drainage system and determine whether it would require a revamp, addition, or more aeration.

2. Lawn getting discolored

A beautiful lawn is a green and homogenous one. When some parts of your yard start turning brown, it can quickly become unsightly. Even when the rest parts still look picturesque, the overall appeal is dented.

Whether the grasses are dying, suffering pest infestation, or lacking nutrients, the landscaping professionals can quickly detect the issue out of experience. They would also typically have the know-how to turn things around so your lawn can become the envy of the neighborhood one more. You won’t have to waste time figuring out the issue or solution.

They may also install sprinkler systems to ensure the grasses get sufficient hydration all year round.


3. You don’t have the time or skill

Life can get busy sometimes. With your kids away, you might not have anyone to tend to your lawn anymore. Things can quickly spiral out of hands; pests may find their way into your yard, and grasses can start getting discolored or overgrown. When the issues compile, it becomes tiring to maintain, and you may procrastinate indefinitely.

Rather than coming back to an unsightly landscape, consider getting professional help quickly. You can go online and find effective lawn care near me and hire a professional closest to your location. Having expert hands takes away the worry and hassle of maintaining your lawn. In addition, you get peace of mind knowing your yard isn’t the worst-looking one in the neighborhood.

4. Pest infestation

If you notice a few pests on your lawn, you can control them yourself by correctly applying pesticides. But things quickly spiral out of control when a myriad of pests desperately invade your yard.

When you notice several pests damaging your lawn, it’s time to call on the experts to ensure proper and total eradication with zero damage to your landscape. Each pest will usually require a different approach to eliminate, so you might want to take the guesswork out and get things done quickly.

Taking care of lawn pests quickly will ensure these insects don’t find their way into your interior.

5. It is weedy or overgrown

If weed abounds because of neglect, you may not be able to handle things yourself efficiently. Although effective herbicides are available, they can do more harm than good when incorrectly applied. And chances are you may over-apply in order to get rid of the weed instantly.

Lawn care professionals will have the required expertise to determine the most suitable product and method based on your landscaping needs. All of that while ensuring minimal or zero damage to the grass.

If the grass has also become overgrown, chances are you may not be able to apply the one-third rule of mowing correctly. Hiring the pros can help you attain a uniform, seamless look on your landscape once more.


6. Your landscape is too large for you to handle

An overly large landscape is a warning sign you need professional help. This is even more crucial when you don’t have sufficient time or family members to assist you.

What is an overly large landscape? A lawn measuring over half an acre will likely be too much work for you to handle alone. While you may do your best, it would be challenging to keep the lawn looking its best at all times.

Large lawns require a proportionally large investment of time and effort to look beautiful all year round.

Wrapping up

So, there you have it! If any of these situations apply to you, it’s best to call a lawn care professional on time. Procrastination may cause more damage that becomes too challenging to remedy.

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