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When it comes to our homes, everyone has different priorities. Some of us want to focus on creating a fashionable and chic home, while others want to focus on creating a family-friendly home that boasts plenty of storage. However, no matter how you want to decorate your home, the task is always difficult. You have to consider how practical your decorations will be and how difficult they may be to maintain. So, here are six things you should consider when preparing to decorate your home with that in mind.


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Too many colors

This tends to be more of a problem if you are trying to accommodate several people in your home’s decoration. Often, children or teenagers will want to decide the color of their own bedrooms, and while this pleases them, it may not satisfy their parents. Unfortunately, the color a child picks out may clash with colors in the hallway or be too bright or too dark when compared to the colors throughout the rest of the house. For this reason, it is important to discuss with all of the house’s inhabitants what colors they would like the house to be decorated in so that compromises can be made and everyone can have a little bit of what they would like. However, it would help if you also were careful to look out for colors clashing against each other in each individual room. For example, a red couch will often look weird when placed in a green living room, so you should try and decide on a color scheme that you like but which will also complement the room’s contents. 

Changing your doors

One aspect of our homes that is often overlooked is our doors. They act as our entry and exit points into and out of the home and, consequently, have a huge impact on our home’s appearance. One website has a wide range of doors that can transform your home. You could opt for a more fashionable door with them, such as the hinged french patio doors, which will add a touch of elegance to your home. However, you will also need to consider whether glass doors are appropriate for your home. If you have young children, you will discover that glass doors become stained with handprints very quickly, and you will end up spending a lot of time cleaning the glass. For many families, dedicating this much time to window cleaning is unrealistic, so they opt for wooden doors instead.

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This depends on personal preference, but you should consider how much or little natural light you would like to be present in your home before decorating. If you prefer the dark, you should use darker colors and thick curtains, but you should keep in mind that darkness can become very depressing after a while and can make a room feel smaller. If you would like lots of natural light in your home, large windows and glass doors should be installed, and lighter colors should be used. It would be best also to consider how you would like to position your lamps and overhead lights for artificial lighting. Too many lamps can make a room appear cluttered and imply that a stronger overhead light is needed instead.


For families, in particular, there can never be enough storage in a home. However, sometimes storage such as cupboards and boxes can ruin a room’s aesthetic, and this can be disheartening when so much time and effort has gone into the room’s decoration. Therefore, you should try to look for opportunities to create smart storage. For example, you could buy a tv stand which also has its own drawers, which will allow you to store some small items there. Or, you could buy a bookshelf which will also hold and display your children’s toys, leaving you more floor space and adding a new feature to the living room. Perhaps, the most ingenious use of storage is a drawer under one’s bed. There, you could keep anything from extra bed sheets to your children’s pajamas. 

Dangerous items

This is another consideration that is particularly important to parents with young children. Often, objects such as glass coffee tables or large plant pots can harm young children as they are likely to be hurt by brushing against the edge of a table or trying to push over large objects. Therefore, you may need to consider an item’s potential danger to any children in the home and either find a safer alternative or invest in devices to make these decoration pieces safer. For example, a glass coffee table could be made safer by purchasing a corner protector. This is a small plastic cover which you place on the corners of a table so that if a young child brushes against the table’s corner, they will not be hurt. These devices are inexpensive, and while they may ruin the look of the item on display, they will only be used until the child is a few years older, and then they can be removed without damaging the piece of decoration in question.

Keeping the house homely 

Decorating your house is a chance to start over, to make your home into something entirely different. However, it would help if you were careful not to eradicate all sense of homeliness in favor of a room that is more like a showroom than a home. If you make your home too pristine and perfect, you will spend every day trying to keep it that way, and not only will the maintenance be exhausting, but you will be scared to become too comfortable in your own home for fear of ruining how it looks. This is unrealistic with children in the home but can be a big problem for adults too, particularly after a long day at work when you just want to relax in a comfortable living room. At the end of the day, your house is your home, and you should feel comfortable there at all times. 

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