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Your garden is a place in the home that should be utilized as much as the inside space. Some people neglect their gardens from time to time due to poor weather or lack of hosting events, which would typically involve the garden. Instead of neglecting your garden, you should bring it back to life and spend more time there. After all, it is all yours to enjoy so why not use it to its fullest advantage? Here are some fun ideas to make your garden more welcoming. 

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Utilize the seating area

Most gardens will likely have a seating area. Whether it be an outside sofa setup or the odd chair here and there, you should take advantage of your garden and utilize the seating area. Even if you do not have guests around very often, you will want a place to go when you go in the garden. You can use it ro relax, read, or think. 

You could turn your backyard into a backyard retreat with the right seating area. Having enough room for lots of guests, or for you are a few friends to lie down, will make the space cozier. It will encourage you and your guests to use the space and relax. 

Adding more cushions and blankets will also make the seating area feel more inviting. It will entice you as well as guests to use the area more, to socialize or relax. 

A seating area in the garden gives you the excuse to enjoy some time and space to yourself in your own home. Whether or not you live with many people, or lots of children, you will always need some time to yourself to relax and think. A seating area outside allows for that. You can get some fresh air and be comfortable in your own home without having to wander to a local park or elsewhere. 

Add a play pit

If you have children, or often entertain family, a play pit is an ideal area to add to your garden to encourage children to feel welcome. Without a play area, children may become frustrated or easily lose interest. It could be the reason families leave parties early. 

Make the most of your entertaining space and add a play pit for children. You could fill it with sand to make it soft and child-friendly. Then, simply adding a few toys or chairs will encourage children to play there for hours on end and never get bored. 

Take advantage of flowers

Every garden that is full with color and life is much more inviting than those without. Take advantage of flowers and their natural beauty to enhance the look and appeal of your garden. 

You can add flowers everywhere, to the flower beds and fences, as well as around the seating area and across the shed. You can fill your garden with color and fun and it will increase the look of your garden instantly. 

Flowers are also an easy and fun talking point when you invite guests round. Thus, add some flowers that you are interested in and can talk about. It will make a good topic of conversation when you are barbecuing away at lunch. 

Install a barbeque

Speaking of barbeques, they are a great addition to the garden when you are hosting guests. Instead of running in and out of the kitchen, you can cook and stay social outside. 

If you are the only host, it makes sense to have a barbeque. Otherwise, your guest/guests will be left alone while you are inside cooking. 

Having a barbeque means that you can ask guests to join in with the cooking, get involved, and make the space more fun.

If your budget does not stretch to having a barbeque or you cannot find one in time for the next party, you can always use disposable barbeques. These are cheap, easy to set up, and get the job done.

A garden swing/hammock

The seating and play area can extend further than an outside sofa and sand pit. Why not add a swing or hammock to the garden for extra fun?

A swing is a great feature for the end of the garden. It can be a place that children go to play or you to go and think. Likewise, a hammock is a great feature for you or friends to relax. 

Swinging peacefully on a hammock can help you relax and enjoy your garden more. It is less traditional and common than a seating area, and a great way to escape everyday life and have a moment of peace by yourself.

Build a pond

Having something to care for in the garden will encourage you to spend more time out there. No matter what size your garden is, there will likely be space for a pond. 

Dig a small hole, fill it with the appropriate materials, and add some fish. It can entertain you and your family for years. You can spend time decorating it, caring for the fish, and feeding them on an everyday basis. 

A pond is also a great aesthetic feature of the garden that will make it appear more family-friendly and is also a great topic of conversation. 

Install a vegetable patch

Speaking of having things to care for in the garden, a vegetable patch is a great feature for you to care for. You will also get something back from it, which is more encouraging and rewarding. 

You can install a small or large vegetable patch to grow your favorite fruits and vegetables all year round. You can even buy small greenhouses to grow more exotic produce. 

Having a vegetable patch means that you will have to dedicate some time to your garden so that you can ensure the produce will grow efficiently. Having a reason to go and spend time in the garden will make it more encouraging. It will soon become a natural instinct to head into the garden, which is exactly what you want in order to spend more time there.

Add different levels

Having different levels in the garden is not only aesthetically appealing but also makes room for more features.

For instance, the lower level could be where you add flowers and your vegetable patch. Then, the second level (which could be made from decking) could be where you add seating and your barbeque. The second level could be used for socializing and hosting. 

If you have space and the materials, you could add a third (or more) level for extra features such as swings, hammocks, more vegetable patches, and whatever else you fancy. 

Having different levels will make the garden more exciting and allow room for more activity, which can make it better for parties or escaping everyday life. 

Water features

To embrace the outside experience you could add a water feature. These will not only make your garden look great but feel much more relaxing. 

Water features range from fountains to small ponds and pools. The water feature you choose will depend on what atmosphere you want to create. 

For instance, if you want to make your garden more fun and exciting, a pool or pond might be the best idea. This will encourage families to use the garden more for fun water activities. 

Or, if you want to create a peaceful haven to enjoy when you garden, attend to your produce, or read, a water fountain is a good option. These will create a Zen atmosphere and make your garden look and sound calming. 

Additional water feature ideas that will be ideal if you have children are water spots. For instance, you could add sprinklers. These will be ideal for grass growth as well as entertaining children for hours on end. You could offer them water guns or water games in the play pit to enhance the playfulness of your garden. It will encourage all members of the family to spend time there and not feel left out. 

Multiple water features will enhance the welcoming feeling of your garden, which is what you are aiming for.

Add a fire pit

Speaking of embracing the natural elements, why not add some fire and spark to your garden? Adding a fire pit to the seating area will mean that you can enjoy your garden year round, no matter the weather. 

Fire pits can be artificial or natural, depending on the look and budget you desire. These will add warmth and make the space feel cozier when the evening draws in. A fire pit and blankets is more than enough to encourage you and guests to spend the evenings in the garden. 

With these 10 fun ideas in mind, you can take your garden from neglected to a place of peace and playfulness in no time. It can be as simple as adding fresh flowers or a vegetable patch to make your garden a more welcoming and fun space to be. Your garden is a place you should spend plenty of time to relax and have fun, so use these ideas and bring your outside space back to life. 

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