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According to statistics, home buyers and homeowners report that outdoor living space is more valuable than ever – and, for more than a reason! Remodeling your garden or patio won’t just add value to your home, but it can also make your property more livable – especially now that summer is around the corner! Unsure how to get started with a patio renovation? Here are some affordable ways to transform your outside space into a unique summer retreat. 

Invest in the Right Shades or Screens


When renovating your patio, deck, or veranda, it is important to understand that you should aim to create a space that is livable all year round. And, without the right cover, you might be setting a limit to how often or when you can spend time outdoors!

Investing in high-quality covers like Panama Shades and retractable patio screens allows you to make the most of your new patio area – no matter if you wish to be outdoors during the hottest day of August or a chilly fall evening!

Choose Your Patio Furniture Wisely


Your patio furniture will set the level of comfort and livability of your outdoor space. While you might be renovating on a budget, you should never underestimate the importance of comfortable, long-lasting outdoor tables and chairs. 

If you are an expert DIYer and you are looking to repurpose furniture that you already own, consider adding throws and blankets to make the entire area more comfortable. 

  • Extra tip – outdoor furniture is one of the aspects of your garden that require regular maintenance. No matter how high-quality your furniture might be, it will be at the mercy of the elements all year round. Keeping it clean and covered when not in use can help you extend the lifespan of your investment. 

Add Lighting and Music


The right lighting and music can help you set the atmosphere of your patio. You should consider adding bistro lights, fairy lights, and lamps to enjoy an after-work drink on your patio or balcony. 

Or, you could choose a dynamic soundtrack to enjoy a dinner party with friends!

In any case, lighting and music might seem unnecessary additions at first, but they can truly elevate the atmosphere of your patio and make it more livable after the sun sets. 

Decorate With Plants and Flowers


If you are looking for a fun, affordable, and low-maintenance solution to decorate your garden, plants and flowers should be your go-to option. Adding greenery to your patio can add privacy (especially if you are planting climbing plants next to a trellis), and make it easier to keep in great shape. 

Don’t have green fingers just yet? This might be the best time to get started to add value to your home – and, of course, gardening offers endless health benefits!

Add a Water Feature


As the days get hotter, we all dream of spending lazy days by the beach. But what if you don’t live near the seaside? If you have a patio, you can simply turn your outside area into the perfect summer retreat by adding a paddling pool or hot tub. 

Think About Entertainment


Whether you are planning to use your patio to enjoy a romantic evening with your other half, exciting parties with your friends, or family game nights, make sure to pack your outside area with entertainment. Some must-haves? A mini bar, chess set, plenty of board games, and books!

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