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Spring is traditionally the time when we declutter our homes and change things around; there’s something in the air, that’s all. Why not go the whole way this year and minimize your home with a new color scheme and some seamless furniture. Making your home minimal is one of the best ways to support your mental well-being as well. 

Choose a Color Palette 

Every home needs a color scheme, and if you’re a minimalist, that means a solid color that is also neutral. Think white, grey, black, and various shades of blue. These colors are excellent for giving your rooms a neat and spacious feel. 

It’s important to choose the color palette of your minimalist home carefully because it can affect how the rooms look and feel when you enter them. Consider the purpose of the room and the kind of mood you want to create.  

Make Empty Spaces 

People who aren’t very minimalist by nature – which is most people- tend to want to fill up spaces with things. If there’s an empty space in the room or on the wall, they want to put a piece of furniture there or some wall art. 

Minimalists think differently. If you’re a minimalist, you probably look at the empty space and think it looks perfect; why would you want to clutter it up. Making more empty spaces in your rooms and walls is one way to pare it all down. 

Furniture That Fits 

Another way to pare down your home and give it that minimalist aesthetic is to choose furniture that fits. So what exactly does this mean? It means finding furniture that doesn’t look like furniture, especially functional pieces like wardrobes. 

Wardrobes can often look out of place in the bedroom. They stand in the corner and take up a lot of space, but they aren’t exactly the sort of thing you want to look at all the time. What you need is built in wardrobes; they’re very discrete in the bedroom and give you more floor space. 

Multi-purpose Furniture 

It’s great being a minimalist; in many ways, life is so much easier. That’s because minimalist always looks for the most efficient way of doing things, so they often choose furniture that serves more than one function. An Ottoman chair is a prime example. 

An Ottoman chair Is a type of chain that has storage underneath. They are available in many shapes and sizes, perfect for integrating into your minimalist room. With Ottoman furniture, you can reduce the clutter in your home and always know where things are. 

Everything Serves a Purpose 

In the same spirit as the multifunctional furniture, it’s best to choose decoration and devices that also serve more than one purpose. As a minimalist, this will come easily to you, and you probably already know the tips and tricks. But here’s some anyway. 

If you notice an area of the home that’s high use – perhaps there are always phone getting charged there – buy a vase and put the relevant phone chargers in it; this reduces clutter and makes things more efficient. 

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