In part because of Sweet B’s autism and my own lack of ability, I never really did much with her hair when she was a toddler. That and since we never really went anywhere, it didn’t really occur to me to try. Now that Squeaker is here, and at the tender age of 2 with her hair finally being at a length to do something, I will spend some time on YouTube or Google looking for easy hairstyles to try. Some of the little girl hairstyles that I’ve seen are absolutely adorable… but probably beyond my skill set.

We’ve mastered the ponytail, three tiered ponytail, two tiered ponytail, toddler bun (basically the mom bun but with shorter hair), basic braids, and pigtails. Eventually we’ll get around to French braids since it seems like an easy enough idea to try when it comes to toddler friendly hairstyle ideas.

In need of some cute and easy hairstyle ideas for your toddler? Check out these toddler friendly hairstyle ideas for girls.

It all started with looking for toddler friendly hairstyles. And then it kind of took off from there! It would be remiss of me to not get them all together in one convenient place and that’s just what I’ve done here. Please keep in mind, of course, that some of these hairstyle ideas may be more suited to an older toddler or older girl.

As time goes on, this list will be updated to include more toddler friendly hairstyle ideas for all occasions, hair lengths, and possibly include hairstyle ideas for different hair types as well. Eventually, I’ll also expand to include more hairstyle ideas for younger girls, older girls… and occasionally include hairstyle ideas for boys.

Most of these posts also have YouTube videos in them in case you’re more of a visual person. Not that posts with just pictures aren’t helpful, they are, but I like being able to refer to a video every so often. Plus, it helps keep Squeaker entertained.

Everyday Hairstyle Ideas

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Hairstyle Ideas for Toddlers More Hairstyle Ideas for Toddlers

Holiday Hairstyle Ideas

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