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When you move into a new pad, whether it is an older property or a new build, it’s only natural that you want to unleash your own style on it. This can be a tricky balance to strike as you want to hone a decor palette that is in keeping with your home but you also want to inject a bit of your own personality within each room. Personalizing a property that you will be living in for the foreseeable future needn’t be too labor intensive and it can be a whole lot of fun. Read on to discover the essential guide to home personalization.

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Swap The Front Door

It may seem like a tiny aspect of your pad, but the front door is the first style statement that visitors will see when they walk up your driveway. Forget about keeping the old 1980s uPVC monstrosity and look into swapping your front door for something that emulates your style. Perhaps you love all things modern and fresh.

New composite front doors can be personalized according to the color you like, the amount of glazing you require and the style of door handle you want. You can even decide where you want your letterbox situated. From duck egg blues to classic blacks and grays, your front door will give a gentle nod to the rest of your home’s decor and style.

Look Up

Within your home, you may have stippled or Artex ceilings. These may have been there since the dawn of time and could do with a revamp. You could choose to go for a classic replastered smooth finish, or you might want to personalize your ceiling. With a range of ceiling tiles on offer, you could emulate a Victorian finish through patterned and paintable tiles.

Being fire proof, they are safe and they remain an affordable option for those people looking to inject something different into their dwelling. Ceilings don’t have to be the same in each room. Consider the usage of each living area and choose your ceiling accordingly.

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Your Walls

Many people yearn for the modern and minimalist look. As such, they paint their walls white and love living in a clinical environment. However, for many people, this look isn’t sustainable as scuffs slowly appear on the walls, and life isn’t as clean and neat as we would like. Instead, focus on injecting a bit of color into your rooms.

Think about a feature wall that you paint a damson cherry purple or a vibrant green. Perhaps a wallpapered wall would be more your style. There are plenty of vintage ranges that encompass the retro and bold styling of the 1960s. Or you could head to the high street and pick up a cheaper roll to whip up in your bedroom or living area. Feature walls should draw the eye and can help enliven focal points such as fireplaces or wood burners.

Personalizing your home should be fun. After all, you are putting some of yourself into each room. This should make your humble abode a happier and more comfortable place to be.

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