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The holiday season is mostly an enjoyable, albeit, stressful time of the year. However, when your holiday plans involve traveling by air, sometimes that can bring an added level of stress. Trust me, I’ve been there. More so as a child and sometimes as an adult. I would fly back and forth across the country when I was younger and have made this journey recently as well. With thanks to Red Mango for sponsoring this conversation, I want to share with you a few tips on how to take the stress out of holiday travel this year.

Traveling by air is usually stressful but when you have to travel during the holidays it usually means taking along family members and that can add extra stress. Reduce air travel stress by planning ahead and using these airline tips for a happy and stress free airplane ride.

Plan ahead

Check with your airline to see what carry – on baggage is appropriate for youngsters. Ask if it is all right to bring a booster seat so that your child can see out the window (ask for a window seat for your child over five).

Arrive at least an hour early for domestic flights and two hours early for international flights.

Be flexible when it comes to flights as changing departure days be even so much as one day might give you a cheaper rate or an emptier plane (who likes a crowded flight).

You may have better flights using suburban airports than big city airports because they are less congested.

Ship packages instead of using baggage to avoid overweight fees and long check-in lines.

There are a few things to keep in mind when traveling by air, and especially with with kids in tow.

The first is that airline food is tasteless, plain and unappealing to most adults and certainly kids will find it equally disgusting.

You can bring plastic containers or baggies filled with your child’s favorite treats and meals such as fruits, veggie sticks, toddler finger foods, cheerios and such that will appeal to their young taste buds and keep them happily munching. Before you fly, however, check on the TSA website for the list of approved foods so you aren’t dumping things out at security.

Remember to bring along wipes to clean sticky fingers.

A great option for moms and dads (and kids too!) is to see if your airport has a Red Mango smoothie shop.

Brix Holdings, the owner of Red Mango, also operates several healthy options such as Red Brick Pizza, Smoothie Factory, and Souper Salad.

But, back to Red Mango. These smoothies are made with coconut milk! Talk about a nutritious, all natural, gluten free option.

They have amazing and tasty seasonal flavors and they’re coming out with new ones all the time. While I was recently traveling through Philadelphia, I went with a peanut butter smoothie.

This smoothie definitely fit the bill! Especially when the passengers seated nearby were digging into burgers and sandwiches from other restaurant options. In fact, the gentleman seated next time remarked how I had such a healthy option.

And was he ever right. This smoothie from Red Mango was just what I needed. I passed on the complimentary snacks and beverages because I was more than satisfied with my smoothie- even after it was gone.

To find one of these delicious smoothies near you, whether for holiday travel or anytime of the year, be sure to visit the Red Mango website.

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