Chicken and Spinach Carbonara

Chicken and Spinach Carbonara

I love bacon and I will put it in almost everything that I cook. I’ve put it in spinach and artichoke dip and it was delicious. I put it in my stuffed meatballs, and it is delicious. Add it in to shredded chicken risotto? Again, it is delicious. There really isn’t a lot that I won’t put bacon in, so something like spaghetti carbonara is right up my alley. Granted, it’s usually made with pancetta and not bacon, but it tastes pretty similar right? So when I got inspired to twist up a carbonara recipe, I kept the bacon but put in two non-traditional ingredients. To make it more of a filling, all in one, dish; I ended up with a chicken and spinach carbonara….

Chicken and Egg Soup

One of our favorite things to have during this time of the year and in Winter is soup. Especially the next day so we always make a big batch of it. Sometimes there’s just nothing like a bowl of homemade soup on a chilly fall or winter day. And one of our favorites is a twist on classic chicken soup. Adding in eggs, cheese, and spinach- this protein packed soup becomes a great breakfast as well. When I was pregnant with Squeaker, some days this was all that I could keep down. Try this tasty chicken and egg soup with your family tonight and let me know how it goes! You can also add in peas but the past couple of times we’ve made this,…

Slow Cooker Shredded Chicken Risotto

After Thanksgiving, while we were trying to figure out how to use up all that leftover Turkey, of course I turned to Pinterest for ideas. Because, why not? I go there for daily inspiration anyway, so I thought it would be a great starting point. After getting extremely sidetracked with all of the cute DIY Christmas idea, I turned to my trusty friend google. Somehow, the thought to make a risotto got into my head and I found one for a turkey and mushroom risotto made in the slow cooker. Perfect! It came out wonderful and I thought why not try to duplicate that by making a slow cooker shredded chicken risotto. This recipe is also very budget friendly, with the priciest item being the…