Creamy Kielbasa and Cauliflower Casserole

Creamy Kielbasa and Cauliflower Casserole

I have a fondness for easy recipes, especially ones that I can prepare and eat in less than an hour. Even better when I can sneak in something healthy and I get a triple win when they come out toddler approved. This easy, creamy kielbasa and cauliflower casserole fit the bill on all accounts. I was almost going to call it a mac and cheese, but I wasn’t sure on semantics. Even though I’m fairly certain there’s no hard set rule that a mac and cheese needs to have elbow macaroni noodles. Of course, this isn’t a homemade sauce either, so I think that’s other reason I was hesitant to classify it in the homemade mac and cheese realm. Whatever the case? This is delicious….

Easy Cheesesteak Inspired Casserole

Easy Cheesesteak Inspired Casserole

Have you ever had a cheesesteak sandwich? Well, if we’re going to get technical, perhaps I should call it a Philly Cheese Steak sandwich, hmm? So have you ever had one? It’s one of my most favorite sandwiches, ever. I mean, how can I not love it? Steak, melted cheesy goodness… smothered in sauteed onions and peppers. Yum.  I had my first cheesesteak sandwich from the Cheesesteak Shop in Berkeley. And then, when my mom and I were in Philadelphia some years ago, I had a cheesesteak in Philadelphia. Regardless of where I’ve gotten it from, it’s always been one of my favorite sandwiches. So why not try it in some other form like a casserole? Enter the easy cheesesteak inspired casserole! Featuring most of…

Pork Marsala Casserole

Recently we’ve taken to using pork in our recipes instead of chicken. I enjoy cooking with pork and I find it to be an incredibly diverse meat that won’t quite break the bank like beef. While I haven’t tried substituting it in any red meat based recipes, I’m finding that it does substitute nicely in chicken recipes. We have tried it out most recently in a Marsala and came up with a pork Marsala casserole.  The tastes was a bit more rich and hearty than with a chicken Marsala, but still delicious none the less. One of our go-to meals is a simple pork chops with rice and gravy dish. Everything is prepared in one pan, except for the rice, so the end result is…

Spinach, Pork, and Artichoke Casserole

So I mentioned that spinach kick, right? Well, here’s another recipe to add to that only this time it’s a spinach, pork, and artichoke casserole. Yes, this may have been because of my love for spinach and artichoke dip. I’m not sure what it is about the combination, but I love it. So I wanted to see how that would translate to a casserole, and a quick google search lead me to finding a chicken and artichoke casserole and with my trend to add spinach, I thought- why not. Sweet B is somewhat picky about what she’ll eat so I have yet to try this with her. Squeaker, however, absolutely loved it… though not quite as much as the spinach, turkey, and quinoa casserole.  Anyway…..

Turkey, Quinoa, and Spinach Casserole

So, we’ve been on a bit of a spinach kick lately. Personally, I love spinach and Squeaker seems to be following in my footsteps. Kyle, while he did not grow up liking spinach, has taken a liking to it as an adult. Lucky me because that means I can try out all the spinach recipes I want! So, when I wanted another opportunity to cook with quinoa I googled and found a recipe that was right up my alley. With a few modifications and we had a tasty turkey, quinoa, and spinach casserole. Not that the original wasn’t tasty, but we wanted to make our own modifications to it. You can find the original recipe on iFoodReal. So, yes… delicious and tasty. Also hearty and…

Tex Mex Inspired Casserole

Tex Mex Inspired Casserole Easy to Make and Easy to Modify Since I completely missed yesterday’s Meal Planning and recipe share, I’m posting this today. This is something that I originally saw in Better Homes and Gardens but has since become something that we turn to often. We’ve tried making this with both ground beef and with ground turkey and while the ground turkey does hold its own, we prefer the ground beef. Alternately, you could use a meat substitute of your choice if you want to turn this into a more vegetarian friendly meal.