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Whether you are a working woman or a stay-at-home mom, you will want to start the year with viable financial planning. It makes sense in pandemic times when money is a concern for most families. The virus is still here, so you must be ready for any contingencies ahead. You need to think beyond the basics like spending less and saving more because you will follow these rules anyway.  This New Year, you must make wise money moves to keep your family comfortable through the ongoing crisis. Here are the ones that can help you ramp up your family finances in 2022. 

Clear your holiday bills


It is easy to step your boundaries when you are in a festive mood, but the New Year brings your holiday bills to pay. Take inventory of the holiday season expenses, and create a plan to pay them as soon as possible. If you have credit card debts, pick the highest interest card first. Consider debt consolidation if you have multiple bills that seem hard to manage and payback right away. 


Review your budgets


Your financial equation may change once you clear the holiday bills or consolidate your debts. Reviewing your budget is a good idea, considering the current situation. You may also consider reworking it to accommodate monthly installments. Ensure that you do not miss out on them, as they can hurt your credit. Also, squeeze in room for savings, even if it means cutting down on some expenses. 


Give up assets that burden you


Experts suggest that giving up the assets that burden you should be your top priority every year. Timeshare properties should be on top of your list in 2022 as travel is no longer the same. Moreover, giving up your timeshare can get the massive burden of annual maintenance expenses off your shoulders. Connect with one of the best timeshare exit companies right now to eliminate the property from your portfolio. They have the right experience to offload it at the earliest and without hassles.


Automate savings


Although savings are crucial, it is hard to set aside money for your emergency fund. Think beyond committing to saving every month this year. Take a  tangible measure by automating transfers to your savings account every month. Start with as much as you can afford, and try to increase the monthly amount when possible. You will have enough to be comfortable by the end of the year.


Consider picking a side hustle


As a mom, you can do your bit to increase family income this year. If you haven’t already picked a side hustle, find one in 2022. You can try making a few more dollars every week during your free time, even as a working mom. Take up a creative project like writing or designing if you have the required skills. You can even make money without skills with ideas like filling online surveys.


Nothing matters more than your family’s financial health this New Year. Make sure you follow these simple measures to keep it on track.

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