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In our domestic lives, we have many different responsibilities to handle in order to get through the days and weeks. We have to maintain the home by looking after it every single day. We have to keep a watchful eye on any kids that we might have for every waking moment. We have to manage the money that comes in and goes out everything single month.

You know full well that there are dozens of extras, but we’d be here all day listing them. Another hugely important and daily task? Shopping. We’re always going to need to buy new things – whether it’s for necessary or luxurious purposes.

If you’re a frugal individual, then you’ll know just how daunting the idea of throwing away money is – even when it’s for stuff you need! Purchases need to be made, but it’s quite annoying seeing that hard-earned money fall out of your account, right? Well, thankfully, there are steps you can take and things you can do to ensure that the number next to outgoings drops somewhat.

Some of the tricks are the most basic and sensible things you could think of; others require a little more nous. If you’re interested in ways you can save money in regard to your shopping, then don’t be afraid to read on.

5 Simple Money Saving Tips for Shopping In Stores and Online

Have The Right Amount Of Energy

This is less of technique and more of a way to ensure you’re a sound mind when heading into a store. Whether you’re doing a big shop for the week, or whether you’re just popping out for a few things, you’ll want to make sure you’re doing well yourself before making any decisions. Yes, a lot of the time we’re in a hurry to get things done, but if you can boost your brainpower beforehand, then that’s only going to be a bonus.

If you’re doing a big haul in the morning, then make sure you’ve gotten enough sleep. You don’t want to make snap decisions out of stress and crankiness that you might regret further on down the line. Also, make sure you’ve eaten enough and are hydrated – you need to feed your brain as well as your body! When you’re full of energy, that’s when you can start thinking straight.  

Don’t Give In To Impulses!

We’ve all done it. Some do it more than others. We see something at the counter and figure it wouldn’t hurt to spend a little on it. Then we do it again the next day. Then the next – and so on. These little purchases all add up. People also do it online: they see something that has a bright yellow border to suggest that it’s on sale and that you’d be silly not to buy it. Scarcity and the idea of missing out on something is a huge flaw that every human needs to work on. It’s difficult for a lot of the time, but it can be done.

Hunt For Bargains

There will always be great offers out there for things you need. Now, we just talked about how you shouldn’t give in to impulsive feelings, but when it’s a necessity, then you don’t have to worry about that as much. Would you like to spend a little less on something that tastes the same or does pretty much the exact same job? Of course you would. You might be comfy with the product you’re using at the moment, but perhaps getting out of that comfort zone and moving onto a cheaper option would be the right move.

Use Cashback And Voucher Code Sites!

When you buy online, you can go through different cashback websites in order to get a small percentage back on your purchase. It’s so simple that it seems like a big falsehood – it’s not, though. Sure, you might only get a small amount back each time, but, as we’ve mentioned previously, it all adds up. You could also use sites like or an American equivalent, of course if you want to get discounts on certain items that you’re after. If you’re using your computer, tablet, or smartphone to buy things a lot of the time, then these sites might be worth checking out.  

Don’t Drive To The Store

We’ll end on another fairly sensible point: don’t drive to places when you don’t need to. This isn’t directly linked to the shopping, obviously; it’s more to do with the fact that a car costs a lot to run. Gas isn’t cheap, so don’t waste it on trips that could be done on foot. A lot of the time, you’ll need your car. If the store is just up the road, then walking or cycling is going to be the most sensible option, isn’t it?

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