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After long deliberation, you have now finally decided to get yourself an electric fireplace. Congratulations! It may not have been an easy journey to reach this conclusion, but we are glad you have made this choice. Not only would you be doing your bit to save up the environment, but this also means that you would no longer have to be inside a room full of smoke. 

Though you may be ready to make your very first purchase of an electric fireside, we feel that you may still have a few reeling questions. And that is precisely what we are here for. With this article, we are hopeful that we may solve the most bothersome queries running over your mind. 

Will I be able to put my TV over it?

Most of the first-time owners of electric furnaces have many concerns over. Out of them, one is – can you put tv above electric fireplace with ease? Unless and until the heat is not generated upwards through the vents towards your mounted TV, it is generally safe. 

Mainly, it does not pose a problem as the electric hearth models are designed so that the heat vents are not located at the top of the whole unit. As long as you mount your television a few inches on top of the mantle, you can have a safe and comfortable viewing experience. 

Would the electric hearth need the chimney?

The answer to this question is a ‘no.’ Because electric firesides do not create emissions. Hence, no smoke is produced, which would require it to be vented out through a direct vent or a chimney, contrary to conventional fire heaters. 

As the home chimney is not required for its standard job, you can go ahead to close it off permanently. This will protect your electric furnace against gushes of rainwater or thunderstorm debris, adding to its longevity. 

Will one electric fireside suffice for the entire area?

To answer this question correctly, you need to decide the room where you want it to be. In most cases, people generally prefer to have electric firesides in their living rooms or bedrooms. However, it is a personal choice to make.

A 120V model can quickly generate heat to warm up about 400 square feet of room. In the case of a larger space, a 240V model can do the work. Depending upon the area you want to heat, you can choose the electric furnace accordingly. 

Can my kids and pets play nearby while it is on?

Yes, you can let your kids and pets play nearby the electric fireside while it is still running. Since they do not have a real fire, they are comparatively a lot safer. Also, the protective glass is high quality and, therefore, is not easily breakable as well. 

Kids and pets tend to find trouble without much difficulty. As a responsible parent or elder one, you should always keep an eye out for any unforeseen danger. 

The Takeaway

Having an electric furnace at home comes with a ton of benefits. We are hopeful that we could answer some of your most pressing questions with this article to help you make an informed choice.

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