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Children with learning disabilities need to have their minds opened in a different way. School work has to be completed the same time and with the same level of expectancies their teachers want. Granted that special schools and tutors will of course cater to autistic children, but we must keep the standards high as we can. This will help the child be more successful in life and give them challenges to try and complete.

cognitive development of kids with disabilities

Sometimes boredom can make things worse, so allowing their minds to figure out problems and helping them along the way can be really healthy. But parents must play a more proactive role when it comes to helping autistic children with homework. It’s not a case of sitting them down and checking on them in 1 hour. You really have to make the effort and use modern tools to help them understand. 

Ready for key-stage 3

Key-stage 3 maths is part and parcel of GCSEs and other tests. Around 30,000 teachers around the nation use this curriculum and standards. Cazoom Maths is a source where you can get many KS3 worksheets which you can then formulate into more understandable layouts for your child. This is something that will help them with mathematics homework but also give you a better understanding of the structure of KS3.

There are all kinds of questions and sums in these sheets, from linear equations, area of triangles, operating fractions, and plenty of others. If you have these sheets at home, you’re better prepared for what might come down the pipeline. Staying ahead of the curve is a better idea for parents with autistic children. That way even if you fall behind a little you’re still on the same level as the other children.

Personal science tutor

Science is one of the more difficult subjects for autistic children to understand. There are many factors in science, such as the laws of physics, pH levels, elemental charts and biological chemicals. It’s a good idea to try and hire a personal science tutor for your child so that they can do experiments at home. The garden is a good place to do harmless experiments such as changing colors of chemical vials, making fizzy liquids and simple but fun things like bottle rockets.

It allows children with learning disabilities more time to do things at home with a professional. Learning by doing is one of the best techniques for autistic children as their senses are stimulated and this means that the experiences will be logged in their brains in a stronger way.

Making a routine

To make learning more part of normal life, autistic children should be kept to a routine. Parents should make a schedule whereby time is devoted specifically to homework and learning. If there is something they don’t understand, they know that they will have time to go over it again thanks to a routine they are used to. 

Parents need to take a more active role in their child’s learning. Children with autism learn better when they have a routine but also when they learn by doing. 

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