When I had originally started putting together posts about home organization and time management; I’d kept them together. It made sense to me. They were both useful things for moms to know when it came to general household management.

However, I’ve since learned that it would be best to separate them.

Who knew!

This page will house all of my advice and tips for how to be organized as a stay at home autism mom. Topics will include: decluttering, cleaning, and organization tips for the home. Now, while this does say it’s for stay at home moms, I’m hoping that it will be of use to all moms.

Do you struggle with keeping your home organized? Here are my best tips for how to be organized as a stay at home mom.

I have never been, what you would call, an overly organized person. Do I know where stuff is? Of course. But if you should re-arrange my oh so carefully curated piles; I won’t have a clue. I organize things in a way that makes sense to me. And while I may be able to find things, this doesn’t guarantee that others will.

What our family needed was a system that made sense. And while we’re still searching for the right system, I have faith that some day we’ll get there.

First of all, remember that your family will get involved in the process for their own reasons, not necessarily just to please you.  Help each family member pinpoint their own motivations for wanting to get organized.

Maybe they are feeling less productive in school or at work, or they never seem to have enough social time because their time

Practical Home Organization Tips For You and Your Family

It helps when your entire family is on board with your organization system. That way, everyone can pitch in here and there.

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You can also set up a chore system for the adults and the children in your family.

Are you trying to get your home in order? Here are a few practical tips for decluttering, cleaning, and how to be organized as a stay at home mom.

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How Decluttering and Organizing Go Hand in Hand

Organizing isn’t about getting rid of things at all. It is about identifying what’s important to you and giving those things a reliable, consistent home. Don’t try to force your family member to get rid of their things, but to prioritize which things holds the most importance and to focus their organizational goals around that.

Decluttering on a weekly or monthly basis is not a bad idea, but if it doesn’t work for your family- don’t stress it.

So, now that you’ve at least gotten somewhere with getting the clutter under control and organizing; it’s time for maintenance and cleaning

Cleaning Tips for Moms Who Don’t Like to Clean

So, I’ll be honest with you- I hate cleaning. I don’t mind a deep clean twice a year but otherwise? No thanks.

Still, I recognize that it has to be done. I also realize that trying to clean daily (with a toddler awake and under foot) is a losing battle. Because of this, I pick my spots. And I’m also willing to let some things slide. Granted, our house isn’t immaculate- it does look lived in.

And that’s how I want it to be.

Those are just some of the ways that I’m learning to be organized as a stay at home mom. What tips would you like to share?

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