Are your kids old enough to help out around the house? Download this free set of I Can Help chore cards.

Free Printable Chore Cards: I Can Help

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Hoping to get your child involved in household chores? Pick up a free copy of my printable chore cards for kids. 

I had created a free printable chore chart before and I think that it served it’s purposes well enough. But, I also wanted to offer another option in the form of just chore cards so that you could use them in whatever way worked best for your family. I’ll update the original chore chart with new cards as well.

Are your kids old enough to help out around the house? Download this free set of I Can Help chore cards.

This pack includes both indoor and outdoor chores. It comes in black and white without text so some of the chores are a little more open to interpretation than others. If you are looking for more resources to create a visual schedule or to increase your child’s independence, you’ll find the Chore Cards and others in the free visual schedule toolkit.

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But I’ll bet that you’re here for those chore cards, so here’s your preview page:

updated weekly chore chart-page-004

Get the chore cards and more when you download the Autism Family toolkit

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[…] Download a set of free printable chore cards for kids. […]