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Water damage is a serious problem for you to deal with. Nothing can make you feel more stressed and less relaxed that seeing water damage around your home. The main issue is that it starts off as a small problem, then quickly transcends into something incredibly costly and hard to fix. More often than not, you’ll need to have extensive repairs done to your property to reverse the effects of severe water damage. 

Therefore, preventing the issue is the best solution. Thankfully, you can avoid water damage in the home by following a few basic steps: 

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Stop drying your clothes indoors

When you hang wet clothes up in your home, you run the risk of creating water damage. Think about it, where does all that water go? It evaporates from the clothes and will usually rest on structures in the room – mainly the walls/ceilings. This then creates damp, which can lead to more pressing water damage. 

So, to avoid this, stop drying your clothes indoors. Hang them up outside, or use a dryer to get as much moisture out as possible. I know a lot of people have dryers but don’t use them because they’re either broken or not as effective as they hoped. Most of the time, a few replacement dryer parts will sort out these issues and provide you with an easy way to dry your clothes without creating damp in the home. 

Use a dehumidifier

If you physically can’t avoid drying clothes in your house, then you can use a dehumidifier to counter this issue. Essentially, this device extracts moisture from the room. Not only can this help you dry clothes, but it can get rid of any excess water vapor in the area. 


Thus, this prevents areas of your home from getting damp and being water damaged. It’s a highly recommended method of combatting damp in the home, so try it out. 

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Dry out your bathroom when you shower

Most water damage is caused in the bathroom. It’s easy to see why – you get water everywhere when you shower, and it seeps into your property and causes damage. To avoid this, you need to have a post-shower clean-up routine. 

All you have to do is dry the bathroom walls with a microfiber cloth and open the windows. If you have an extractor fan – which you should – then leave it on for half an hour or so afterward. This works like a dehumidifier and extracts moisture from the room. The windows do a similar thing, and all these techniques should keep the bathroom as dry as possible. 

Check your roof for leaks

I’ll keep this final point short and sweet. Head up to your attic and check for any leaks. If there are holes in your roof, then get them patched up before you suffer heavy water damage from the rain. 

Preventing a problem is far easier than solving one that already exists. Repairing water damage in your home can be a costly process. Don’t let it get to that stage – use these tips to avoid damp and water damage in your property. 

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