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As a parent, you are likely concerned about your child’s safety in all aspects and areas of life. This should include online safety too, right? If you aren’t already taking measures to keep your child safe online, I am so excited to share about this! When it comes to teaching internet safety in general, this is something that I want my youngest (more tech savvy) child to be aware of. But, this extends to her sister as well. They are both relatively independent users of YouTube and I wanted to be able to use an app that would cross multiple platforms. 

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What is Safe Vision?

Safe Vision is an app that helps parents filter what their children can watch on YouTube. Your children can enjoy YouTube on your terms. 

This was something that we had struggled greatly with when it came to our daughter as she is, as I mentioned, quite tech savvy. Sometimes I’m convinced that she knows far more than I do when it comes to all of this technology stuff.

However, even she seemed pretty impressed with SafeVision.

Our solution prior to this was just removing the YouTube app from the iPad all together.

Now though? She can access YouTube again and I don’t have to worry.

After selecting her age range, we were on our way. And I have to tell you, from this point on? My daughter was the one who took over most of the control settings. It really is that easy to set up.

Why We Trust Safe Vision

In today’s highly technological era, the internet has become a wonderful tool for research and recreation. The use of the internet is to some degree beneficial for the growth of your children. We use YouTube, or used to use YouTube, regularly in our homeschooling to supplement a lesson. 

With these changes now in place, I felt more comfortable with letting her use the Safe Vision app to access YouTube videos. I often wonder about the quality of some of the so-called children’s videos on YouTube. And, more often than not, I’ve found myself either confiscating the iPad or blocking the app all together.

I had wanted to find a more peaceful solution that would work for all of us.

Now with Safe Vision app, we have that for both of my daughters. And if we wanted to use this on another device, such as the Kindle Fire or an Android tablet? We can access the Safe Vision app there as well.

Because we are using this app on more than one device, we went with Safe Vision premium.

Safe Vision Premium is an optional paid subscription that allows you to:

  • Unlock an unlimited number of YouTube channels
  • Set daily time limit to more than 1 hour
  • Have up to 7 child profiles on unlimited devices

Try out Safe Vision as Your YouTube Safety Option

  1. Install Safe Vision app on your phone or tablet. You can download it for free the App Store, see Safe Vision
  2. Sign up for a new account
  3. Use in-app support chat to send the code IHNMARCH2019
  4. You will receive email confirming that you get 1-year premium subscription in a day or two.
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