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When the time comes that your child has to endure a sick day, you may be unsure of how best to help them. Here are some tips on what you can do to make their sick days as easy as possible.

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#1 Make sure they get plenty of fluids


The first thing you can do is make sure they get plenty of fluids. This will keep their body hydrated and help to break up mucus or phlegm that may be causing them discomfort.


You should always ask your doctor for specific advice on how much fluid they need, but as a general rule, give them an extra glass of water than usual if they are sick over the weekend so that by Monday morning when it’s time to go back to school/daycare, their bodies have had a chance to catch up on lost liquids. If possible, encourage drinking lots of ice-cold drinks with added electrolytes too because this can also help reduce any fever symptoms which are commonly associated with being ill.


#2 Keep their fever under control



If your child is running a fever, you can give them an over-the-counter medication to reduce their body temperature. However, if they are under six months old or have already experienced side effects from medicines in this age group, please do not give any medicine without consulting with your doctor first.


You should try and make sure that their room isn’t too warm because it may be making symptoms worse for them, which will lead to more discomfort when trying to sleep at night time. Keep their bedroom cool all day by closing the curtains against the sun and opening windows instead so that fresh air circulates through their room during waking hours.


#3 Give them some extra attention 


When your child is sick, they are going to need a little more TLC. So make sure you spend plenty of time with them, even if it’s just laying on the bed and reading stories or watching cartoons together all day long. If possible, stay home from work so that their illness doesn’t feel too overwhelming for them because this could worsen symptoms, which would only add to their discomfort levels when trying to sleep at night.


In addition, that added attention may need to be directed at medical malpractice attorneys as well if your child’s illness is no accident. In this case, it would be better to hire professionals than try sorting out the problem yourself.


#4 Allow them to rest


Rest is crucial for any sick child, so you should encourage them to stay in bed if they are feeling too unwell to get up. Let them know that it’s okay to take a break from doing things and just have some time out on their own until the worst of their symptoms pass over because this will help lower stress levels which can be associated with being ill.


If your toddler has been sleeping well during the day, try opening up all windows around the house while everyone else is away at work or school so that fresh air circulates through, making sure the air quality inside the home isn’t affected by stale indoor air when everyone gets back later in the evening (especially after cooking dinner). This way, when it is time for sleep, your toddler can fall and stay asleep easier because their bedroom is fresh.


In conclusion, by utilizing the above tips, you can help make your toddler’s sick days as painless as possible during their recovery.

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