Get These Home Repairs Done Now 4

Get These Home Repairs Done Now

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We’re all guilty of putting off tasks that need doing around the house. Some of those little jobs can be left with no issues, but some tasks should be taken care of before they turn into bigger problems. Here are the home repairs you should never put off doing, whether you call a contractor or tackle the DIY

Get These Home Repairs Done Now 5

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Grouting Or Caulking

Caulk isn’t expensive, but it has a very important job. Caulk blocks water from getting into that water shouldn’t be. Check around your shower, bath, windows, and doors on a regular basis to check for any spots that might need to be caulked or grouted. If there is, do it straight away, as missing caulk is much cheaper to put right than water damage. 

Foundation Cracks

A crack in your foundation could mean serious worries for the structure of your house and lower its value. You might be able to see that your foundation has moved if you find that your doors don’t close as they used to. Check the foundation outside your home for any cracks or other signs of shifting. If you find a crack that is larger than 3/16 of an inch, you should call a professional immediately to shore up the foundation.  

Roof Repairs

A roof that leaks can cause a lot of expenses damage, including mold, structural damage, and losing property. You need to call the best roofing contractor to get roof damage repaired as soon as you find problems, or you could end up paying for some very expensive repairs. 

AC Filter Service

A dirty air filter will make your air conditioning system have to work a lot harder than it should be, and push up your utility bills at the same time. You can make your AC unit last longer, and make it cheaper to run by not ignoring any needed repairs and having your filter cleaned a few times a year. 

Rotting Decks

Wooden decking can rot, especially if it doesn’t get much sunlight. Sometimes, a small section or only a few boards will rot, or the rot can be through the whole deck. This makes the structure of your deck very dangerous and causes rails around the edge to come loose. 

You will need to replace any boards that are rotting. For older decks, you might need to replace all the boards so you know they’re safe, and to give the whole thing a consistent look when you’re done. You could replace the wooden boards with composite decking. This is more expensive than wood, but it doesn’t rot. 

Clogged Gutters

Leaves, twigs, and other debris can block your gutters. During bad weather, this will make water spill over your guttering, which will then freeze. As the water can’t flow away from the house, it can also get into your basement, causing damp. Clean the gutters once or twice a year so the water can drain freely. Gutter guards will keep them free of debris too.


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