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People with autism often have obstacles in front of them when trying to enjoy some hobbies. That can often make them feel like they’re quite limited in their options. There are more than a few hobbies that anyone with autism should be able to enjoy.

These are all things that can provide multiple benefits, alongside being an interesting and attractive way to spend your time. Some hobbies could be more recommended than others.

Hobbies People With Autism Can Enjoy


Gardening has been a popular pastime for as long as people have had hobbies. That’s because it’s one of the most stress-free ones that you can choose. It could also help remove any stress that you already have.

If you don’t have a garden, then that doesn’t have to stop you. If you have the space, you could add a terrarium to your home. These could be much more affordable than you’d think, with countless terrariums for sale online.

You wouldn’t need to start too big with your gardening. Starting small could be recommended. Going with a few flowers at the start and then scaling things up could be a more attractive approach.

Horse Riding

Most people think of horse riding as a sport or something competitive. It doesn’t have to be. It could be a relaxing hobby for people with autism to enjoy. If you’re on the spectrum, then you could find a few benefits from using this as a hobby.

That’s primarily because you can develop a bond between you and the horse, especially if you ride them regularly. Then there’s the relaxation that it can offer. Strolling gently down a country lane or around a field could offer much more stress relief than you’d think.

Equestrian therapy has also become increasingly popular because of these kind of benefits. That could make it an appealing hobby.


Chess has been a popular pastime for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. It’s also considered a sport with how competitive it can be at professional levels. That doesn’t mean you need to aim for the more stressful games, however.

Learning how to play chess and then enjoying it with friends could be the more attractive option. There are a few other benefits to chess as a hobby for people with autism. It can teach the value of patience, perspective, and proper planning.

If you’re an introvert, then this could still be an option. You can play on your computer, either against an AI opponent or someone online.

Wrapping Up

Finding hobbies for people with autism can often seem complicated, if not overwhelming. Depending on where on the spectrum you fall, certain things mightn’t be appropriate or attractive. Each of the above should be appealing for multiple reasons, however.

They can all be relatively easy to do, although you could make them more complicated if you want. You’ll also have several skills to learn with each, alongside different ways to apply them. Coupled with the enjoyment you can get out of them, there are almost no reasons not to consider them.

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