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Now that we have all been spending more time in our home because of coronavirus, many of us have been left wishing we had bigger homes or more usable living space. 

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Knocking a wall down or adding an extension may sound like a great way to enlarge your home, however, it’s time-consuming, expensive, and not always a feasible measure to take. 

Don’t panic though, there are several different ways that are both cheaper and less time consuming that can make your home look and feel bigger. 

Think About The Size Of Your Ornaments

It is said that if your trinkets and ornaments, etc are smaller than a cantaloupe melon, it’s just unneeded clutter in your home. If your home is completely full of small knick-knack bits, then it may be a good idea to think about swapping them for less, larger pieces that make a statement but are still personal to you. Statement clocks, bigger picture frames, and larger vases are all simple ways to make your space look bigger. 

Add-In Plenty Of Light 

Having just one over-head light can make a room seem shallow and overcrowded. The more light you can allow into your room the better, and one single overhead light isn’t likely to reach the four corners of your room. Adding in several different, small lights around your home will not only make it lighter but also make it have more depth. 

Create A Room Within A Room

You can make your home bigger with clever furniture placement. So if you have an open-plan space to contend with try creating a room within a room with additions from or with the clever use of rugs. Creating spaces such as a living/dining area, that are clearly marked out can make your living space more usable and looking bigger. Ake sure you draw yourself up a plan first. 

Make Use Of Mirrors

This has got to be one of the oldest tricks in the book when it comes to making your home look bigger. Adding mirrors to any room can really help you to maximize space. Just like using light colors on the walls makes your home appear bigger, placing a mirror opposite windows so they can reflect the light make your room seem bigger and lighter. 

Make Your Color Scheme Lighter

Dark paints such as navy, black, or dark grey can make a space shrink. Painting the ceilings and floors in a lighter color can make your edges seem softer and the room bigger and appear much higher. If you add light colors to your walls also, you will gain even more space. If you don’t want to compromise on style, think about adding in a feature wall, but try not to go to dark as it could compromise the look of the space you want.

The five tips should help you to make your home feel larger with the need to make any structural changes. Are you trying to make your home feel bigger? Let us know some of your ideas in the comments section. 

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