Valentine’s Day Dishes and Drinks

Welcome to Day 3 of 14 Days of Valentines! Today, it’s all about the food we eat and the drinks we drink. Desserts will be in their own post and I’ll also feature Kid Friendly desserts next week. We don’t really prepare anything special for Valentine’s Day (as we tend to treat it like any other day of the year), but you could also use these recipes for anytime of the year. Or you could do a red themed dinner night for a party- really, just use your imagination and don’t limit yourself! You could also do a few of these for a 4th of July celebration. Valentine’s Day Dishes and Drinks Start off your day with this delicious Strawberry Raisin French Toast from Mom…

14 Days of Valentines: Day 1

Welcome to Day 1 of the 14 Days of Valentines! Each day, I’ll be bringing you another Valentine’s Day related post. Ranging from recipes to crafts to gift ideas- this series is sure to cover a little bit of everything. This week is dedicated to grown ups. And even though I’m not single, I will also be including a few ideas for singles as well. Don’t forget to subscribe for updates as subscribers will be receiving exclusive printables related to this series. For today’s post, I’m bringing you: DIY Valentine’s Day Decor. Whether you decorate for the holidays or not, take a peek and give some of these ideas a try. I tend not to go all out for holiday decorating (except Christmas), but I…

14 Days of Valentines

Tomorrow, I’m starting a 14 Days of Valentines here at Just Another Mom. What does that mean for you? It means that for the next 14 days, I’ll be bringing you so much fun stuff that’s Valentine’s Day related. One week will be entirely dedicated to grown ups and the next week for kids. The highlight of it all will be my 2015 Valentine’s Day Gift Guide- featuring gift ideas for all ages. Other things to expect? Fun round ups filled with recipes and crafts in addition to fun date night ideas. I’ll also be sharing book lists for kids and printables exclusive for readers (and subscribers) of Just Another Mom.

Melk the Christmas Monkey

* Disclosure: I received a complimentary item to facilitate this review. This did not sway my opinion and I have given a 100% honest review. Did you know that there are two months until Christmas? Yes, that’s right- two months. Though I’ve been talking about Christmas for a month now on my blog and finally released my first ever Holiday Gift Guide.. I wanted to talk about something that we’ve been doing behind the scenes at home. I’m talking about Melk the Christmas Monkey, a very special Christmas friend who’s made residence with us earlier this month. Melk’s purpose is to help teach God’s character through Bible lessons and activities that the entire family can enjoy. And he’s done that and more in our home….

Printable Christmas Wish List

I’m fully aware that it’s only September and that I’m already talking about Christmas. Still, maybe it’s too soon… Hmm, I think that’s debatable. But, I wanted to at least start offering a few Christmas related things while I have the chance to really make them (and then tweak them later). First up this year are printable Christmas wish lists, all in .jpg format because when I tried to convert to a pdf, it just wasn’t going well. I’ll have .pdf ones in a later post, probably later next month or at the beginning of November. I remember writing out my list to Santa, every year. I never mailed it, never brought it to the mall, but I always wrote one out. For me, it’s…

Creating a Christmas Budget

One of the most important things I’ve ever done is to create a Christmas budget. Most of the time I’m able to stay within my means, but there are times I end up going over a bit. I understand, of course, that this is a very special and important time of the year. Because of that, I want to make it memorable but without breaking the piggy bank. I don’t usually go shopping in the months leading up to Christmas, but instead do my shopping all year round. I also make use of seasonal sales to buy those big ticket items and a reasonable price. I also can’t forget the savings that coupons bring me… and I’m not above a little re-gifting now and then….