The Busy Mom's Super Simple Back to School Meal Idea 2

The Busy Mom’s Super Simple Back to School Meal Idea

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Back to school time can be busy for everyone in the family. And with so many things to do, dinner plans and meal ideas may be lacking. I know, for me anyway, I want to find meal ideas that are easy and don’t require a lot of prep work. I’m not above ordering food, either. And that’s why I’m happy to partner with Boston Market to bring you this super simple back to school meal idea. And did I also mention that it’s budget friendly?

The Busy Mom's Super Simple Back to School Meal Idea 3

We don’t order food often, or at least we try to keep it to a minimum. I have food triggered migraines so it’s difficult, at times, for me to eat out. Unless I can look at a full menu that provides all sorts of detailed nutritional information? It’s really just best for us to stay put at home.

And being on a budget, eating out is not one of those things that we can always afford. Sure, we could take it out of our food budget but I’d rather not do that unless we absolutely have to.

However, we recently found out that Boston Market is running a great deal on top of their already affordable Family Meal Deal.

When you order one of their delicious family meals (your choices include: Rotisserie Chicken, Roasted Turkey, BBQ Ribs or home style Meatloaf- with sides and cornbread) you can get an additional whole Rotisserie Chicken for just $1.99.

So if your family really likes that chicken, get two chickens for dinner.

Or, if you’re like us and like to utilize leftovers, turn that chicken into a chicken salad.

If time is a concern, don’t worry about that either.

The Busy Mom's Super Simple Back to School Meal Idea 4

You can order online and have your order ready to pick up at your convenience.

The Busy Mom's Super Simple Back to School Meal Idea 5

Of course, before the order was placed, I spent some time on the Boston Market website so I could look up their menu. I had to make sure that everyone in the family could enjoy this… myself included. Boston Market has been a favorite of mine since we moved to the East coast many years ago.

One of my most favorite things on their menu just so happens to be the fresh, never frozen rotisserie chicken.

And now, with this family meal deal, I can get one for just $1.99.

The Busy Mom's Super Simple Back to School Meal Idea 6

For this meal, however, we opted to get the meatloaf and used our whole chicken to make a delicious chicken salad. I love the added flavor that the rotisserie chicken brings.

The Busy Mom's Super Simple Back to School Meal Idea 7

Do you have a Boston Market near you? What do you like to order?

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