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Moving house as a family can be challenging and stressful. It requires a lot of time and work, and you’ll no doubt be exhausted by the end of it. There are, however, a few ways you can make the move go more smoothly. Moving is the first stage of embarking on a new adventure as a family. Try to think of it as a positive experience even though it can be tiring. If you’re organized in advance and follow these tips, your family’s move will be less of a headache.

Hire a reputable moving company

Do your research and find a reputable moving company plenty of time in advance. Professional movers such as Miracles Moving can offer a high standard of service, along with quality packing materials, and experience in moving all items from heavy-duty furniture to delicate family heirlooms. Discuss truck capacity beforehand and calculate the amount of space you’ll need, this will help the moving company to prepare.

Take measurements of furniture

Before deciding on moving furniture and larger appliances to your new home it’s advisable to take measurements. Make a quick floor plan of each room and ensure you can fit in the furniture you want. If you have larger items that won’t fit in your new home you could consider renting a storage facility instead. 

Donate to goodwill

Another option is to donate unwanted goods to charity. You can find your local goodwill online, and depending on the center, some will even pick up larger items such as furniture. Rather than keeping certain things you’re not going to use, consider donating them if they’re still in good condition. You could be helping out someone in need. If you’re struggling to decide what to do with all your stuff, then you could try the keep, toss, donate technique. Separate your items into these three categories, and try to be as cut-throat about it as possible.

Pack and unpack room by room

One moving technique to increase your productivity is to pack and unpack room by room. This will make things a lot easier. It’s also a good way to schedule your day. You could take breaks between each room and reward yourself for a job well done. You could even assign each room to a different family member. If the kids are old enough, you could let them pack and unpack their own rooms.

Prepare a box of essentials

However you pack up all your things, you’re still going to end up with a lot of boxes. Prepare a box of essential items that you’ll need when you first move in and keep this accessible. This could include some food and the utensils to cook it with, toilet paper and a couple of bathroom items, baby changing equipment, or a couple of toys for younger children. This way you’ll have the essentials while you take your time unpacking the rest. 

Set up your utilities and WiFi beforehand

It’s advisable to set up utilities in your new home before you move, along with your WiFi. It’s quite difficult to live without these and particularly in the case of WiFi, your provider might take a couple of weeks to get you set up. Make some calls at least a fortnight before you move and change the details to your name. You can arrange an appointment to meet any technicians in the first days you move in if you live far away from the new property. Even if you’re looking to get a Solar Installation Company in, you can let them get to work as you’re settling in so your power can start to generate. Either way, ensure everything is above board before the move as this will make it go a lot more smoothly.

Get the kids on board

Another thing to do ahead of time is to get the kids on board. Sometimes children aren’t very enthusiastic about moving because they might not want to leave their school and their friends. There are several ways you can help them adjust, however. Explain to them the positives and your reasons for moving. It’s also important to let them say goodbye to the old house and neighborhood and to honor their grief. 

They may be sad at first, but eventually, they’ll get on board with the idea, you’ll just have to be patient. Prepare them for the move by showing them what the new house and neighborhood has to offer, and try to get them thinking more positively about it. Moving house is exciting, stressful, and tiring, but it’s the start of a new phase. By being organized and working together, you can tackle the project as a family. 

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